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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I'm Reading

I don't have much that I want to write about lately, mostly because I have a lot going on and not enough distance from it to write about it very well. Suffice it to say that I'm still in the throes of the "baby craze" that I thought I had finally escaped, our outside commitments are threatening to overtake our family commitments, and time is getting away from me.

My escape: read a good book. Four weeks ago I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which is so witty and charming, I don't know how I managed to miss this one until now. If you haven't read it, you definitely should.

Next, I moved on to Ender's Game, which made me feel very unoriginal when I read the beginning and felt like I was reading the beginning of my own fictional work in progress, The G.E. Kid. Once I got past the beginning, though, I realized it goes in quite a different direction than I am headed with mine, so I felt a little more inclined to work on mine some more, but not inclined enough to actually do it...yet.

Ender's Game is science fiction for adolescent readers, middle to high school, and I enjoyed it. Before you start judging me for my YA fiction choices, let me remind you that the Twilight series was written for teens as well, and we all know who wound up loving it the most. Yep...Moms. At one point I even heard them called "Twi-Moms" for their crazier-than-the-kids behavior at book signings and movie events. So I'm not alone in my less-than-mature reading material choices.

Next, I have just received a copy of The Time Traveler's Wife from the library's Books by Mail program. I love checking the mail and finding a good book there instead of junk mail! Especially when it's a surprise. I was #30-something on the list when I reserved it online several months ago. It's really interesting so far. Anyone else read it?

After this, I plan to read Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The movie is coming out very soon and it looks really good!

How's that for an eclectic mix of literature? I love to read and my kids know it. We finished The Swiss Family Robinson with the kids and I have just started reading the first Harry Potter book to them. They are completely enraptured by it. It probably doesn't hurt that I do all the accents, including a thick Scottish brogue for Hagrid. I love reading aloud and hearing Paul read aloud to the kids. It's so cozy when we all pile up on the couch for a good story. I can forget about the outside world in that moment.

What are you reading? How do you "escape" at home?


Karly said...

Reading is my one true escape right now. I love it!

I recently finished the first Harry Potter book. I enjoyed it. I considered reading it to the kids, but I think it might be a little scary for them. How do you kids do with the dark, scary parts?

I love the Time Traveler's Wife. Really good book. Until it ended up in the river. But that is a long story. And the movie did not do the book justice.

I have recently finished Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson. It is an amazing book on marriage and connecting with your spouse on a deeper more intimate level. I would highly recommend it for any married couple.

I also just finished The Last Song by Nicholas Spark. It is your average Nicholas Spark predictable romance book. But sometimes I like a little light reading where everything ends ups alright in the end, ya know?

I also recently read Three Cups of Tea. A fascinating true story of a guy who started build schools for girls in the middle east. Highly recommend it. Very inspiring.

Another recent read is Have a New KId by Friday by Kevin Leman. I liked it. Lots of good practical ideas for dealing with all kids of discipline issues.

I am currently reading A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick. It is very racy. But it is also a suspenseful page-turner. We'll see how it ends...

As I said, I love reading. Do it almost every night in the bathtub!

Bryssy said...

The baby craze?? Wow! I did think you had escaped in fine shape...

I just finished reading Masie Dobbs and Birds of a Feather, the first 2 in a series about a young woman just after WWI that becomes a private investigator. Both good very well done. I was impressed with them, actually.

I also ready one of Robert Fulghum's books, What On Earth Have I Done? He's the author of Everything I Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten and I like his essays.

I've also re-read Bringing Up Boys by Dobson. I don't really agree with his politics and hate-mongering but I do like his practical advice.

I've been thinking about starting The Hunger Games - TIME magazine has raved about them (and you, too. So, I'll probably give them a go.

We also read JM Barrie's Peter Pan and Swiss Family Robinson with the kids. We've decided to start the Narnia series with them. Although, lately it's been Ryan reading and me falling asleep because I am just so DARN tired (Only 4 more weeks of this exhaustion, I hope!)

Pam said...

I totally agree! I am planning on re-reading the Saga ~ Twilight, is there any other :).

I hope you are doing well while trying to escape some things in your life. I would recommend drinking hot cocoa while you are reading. Take care of yourself!

Pam said...

PS - I think my escape will be even better as I re-read the Saga from the new Dream Home I am going to win from HGTV. Next Motley Meet-up will have to be in New Mexico. :) You all might want to enter to win also at HGTV.com.

Liz said...

Girl, you are speaking my language! I love P&P and Ender's Game is one of my favorites. There are about 4 in that series - let me know if you need to borrow any. I am currently reading Wicked and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Wicked is really, really good, and I'm trying to get finished with it before Todd and I go see the musical at the end of this month. I'm making little progress with P&P&Z because although I'm thoroughly enjoying it, the cover is a little scary and I don't like to leave it lying around for the kids to see. I have the Percy Jackson series (minus the 5th book - I don't like to buy hardcovers) waiting for me on the shelf and then I want to read Up in the Air (it was a book before it was a movie) and the sequel to Three Cups of Tea, which was amazing. I loved The Time Traveler's Wife, but it made me sad. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, as well, and while I liked Twilight and definitely got sucked in to it, I could never read it again and be okay. I read the Hunger Games and need to get my hands on the next book in that series. As you can tell, I could go on all day, but I think I'll just stop there. :)

Donna said...

I loved the Hunger Games and can't wait for the 3rd book to come out.

Liz, I didn't realize Ender's Game was a series! Cool! I'd love to borrow them sometime.

Karly, reading while soaking in the tub sounds lovely! I always intend to indulge in a bath, but our old bathroom doesn't feel very indulgent when I start considering the moldy, peeling paint on the ceiling and peeling wallpaper on the walls. I stress out when I spend too much time in there!

Pam, hot cocoa sounds like a good companion for a book! Dark chocolate is also a given.

Bryssy, yes, I am totally vascillating right now, wanting another and not entirely certain I can handle homeschooling and budgeting for three! We'll see. Part of me thinks we should just go for it. Another part of me appreciates the relative simplicity of life with two. Hmm.

Thanks for all the great book recommendations! Keep 'em coming!

Lindsay said...

So far I have read "Deck the Halls" by Mary Higgins Clark, my grandma got it for me for Christmas. It was okay.

The tenth circle by Jodi Picoulti hard topic but good book

Last Kiss by Luanne Rice one of my favorite easy to read novels. It was pretty good

Once in every life by Kristin Hannah. It was a great story but had too much sex in it.....

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. Great book

Stay home Stay happy by Rachel Compos-Duffy.

And I'm half way through The Lovely Bones.

I have The time travlers wife and it's next on my list, as well as Wicked which my dh just finished.

Plus I want to read some of the books you guys have listed here.

I am a bit jealous that your kids allow you to read to them. Avery HATES to be read to know that she can read herself, and my dh HATES to hear books read outloud (he's okay with childrens books but not chapter books). So I just read a few books to Capri and Sage each night.