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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yesterday my baby turned 2, which means he's not a baby anymore. It's like a switch flipped in his brain and he decided to definitely be 2, if you know what I mean. I'm not going to use that phrase people use to describe 2-year-olds, as they're not terrible, merely challenging. Honestly, it's fun to see them grow and learn and do new things. For instance, yesterday I caught Micah in his room, climbing onto a stool so as to get to his birthday presents, which were up on Ethan's dresser. Then he pulled a chair over to the microwave in the kitchen and turned it on. Awesome.
One thing that's not fun about kids growing up is discipline. Yes, when they were infants I had to get up with them all through the night and change their diaper explosions and get hosed with spit-up, but now they have opinions. Attitudes. Yesterday when I picked Ethan up from school, his teacher did not have her usual smile on. Turns out, when another teacher asked him to scoot over in the pick-up line, he said, "No!" and smacked his fists on his knees. He also whined about the snack and refused to participate in music class. I was really ticked about him being disrespectful to the teacher, though. That I just will not tolerate. So when we got home I sat him down on the couch and explained that we do not talk to teachers (or anyone, for that matter) that way and that because he chose to be rude, he was not allowed to watch TV for the rest of the day. This was big-time punishment. Ethan's "naps" consist of him watching a movie in the guest bedroom. Yesterday, however, he had to make do without visual stimulation. At one point he came to me, chin all aquiver, and said softly, "Mom, I like watching stuff in Lori's room." (That's what he calls the guest bedroom, after my friend Lori, who is pretty much the only one who ever visits and stays in that room.) It just about broke my heart, but I didn't cave. I didn't cave later when Micah woke up and wanted to watch a video. I told Ethan he had to stay out of the den. Then, during Micah's birthday party, when he dragged Aunt Terri into the den to watch an episode of "The Backyardigans," I told Ethan he couldn't watch, that it was time for him to get a bath and go to bed. I felt like a jerk all day long. But it was worth it. This morning he apologized to the teacher he was rude to and seemed genuinely contrite. His attitude today has been excellent and he had a great day at school. I'm sure this isn't the last time we get a bad report from school or have to ban him from the TV all day, but I'd much rather deal with this now than when he's a teenager.


Bryssy said...

I agree with you, Liz. Discipline can be hard to dole out and stick with, but it is worth it. I contend that is why I have nice kids (most of the time)!

Liz said...

My kids usually get complimented on their good behavior, which is why I was APPALLED that Ethan had said that to the teacher. Your kids are nice, when I've seen them anyway!

fawnda said...

Discipline is really hard but it is worth it... my son turns 2 next week and he is TOTALLY acting 2 right now. some of it is great fun: playing with playdough, coloring, being interested in puzzles, playing in his new felt playhouse... but the fits and tantrums I could do without.

It is good to stick to your guns. Your want to mean what you say... no movies means no movies... you are right, this will help you in the long run!

I am pulling for ya... we're all in this together! : )

Karly said...

Happy Birthday to Micah! It was my birthday yesterday too and like five other people I know and Elmo, so he is in good company.

Way to stick to it! Sometimes those kinds of punishments are tough because they punish you as well. But when you stick to what you say, kids really do seem to get it most of the time. At least until they forget!

It's always so hard for me when my kids get in trouble at school. It's embarrassing. And my kids get the wrath of mommy. But I guess that is how they learn.

Way to follow through, Liz!

Liz said...

ELMO TOO??? Oh, Micah will flip when he realizes he has the same b-day as Elmo! Happy late birthday to you, Karly! Thanks for all the support, ladies. I really did feel like a meanie, but I knew deep down I was right.

Lindsay said...

I always hate it when I take something away from my kids that they would really enjoy doing. For example Avery got in trouble a few weeks ago and missed out on a sleepover at Grandma's house. It needed to be done, but I really did feel bad for her.

I am having a major problem with the older two girls talking nasty to each other. They have spent a lot of time seperated in different rooms this week. Which is really hard since we don't have much space.

And Capri through a wapping fit today. She wanted to join in on Sage's dance class and I wouldn't let her. She threw herself onto the floor in a fit of tears and anger. It was quiet funny since she never acts like that. But if she keeps that up it will get old REAL quick!