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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sometimes it good to be the MOM!

Have you seen the new McDonald's happy meal commercial?

It starts out with a Mom and Dad at McD's buying food and happy meal. Suddenly the dad grabs the happy meal and takes off running down the street (apparently they live in NYC) , the dad gets stopped by a minivan, who almost runs him over, and the mom grabs the Happy meal and runs ahead.

They continue to run through the streets of the city grabbing the Happy meal from each other until they get to an apartment building, the dad has the happy meal and is in the elevator going up and the mom just misses it and has to take the stairs.

The next shot is the dad coming into the apartment triumphant with the happy meal and hands it to his son. The son looks up, as the mom is coming in behind the dad, and says "WOW! Thanks Mom!" and the dad lowers his head and says "your welcome." the mom has a big smile! :)

Yes, it is sometimes good to be the mom!

We laugh at the commercial because it is so true at our house. Our little kings looks to his mommy for everything and it leaves daddy feeling a little left out at times. Other times, like when there is a dirty diaper to be changed, Daddy is perfectly happy to be left out!

I know that soon my little boy will identify more with his dad but for now it is good to be MOM! : )


Lindsay said...

I love that commercial. It's so great!

I am the biggest daddies girl in the whole wide world. Seriously my dad and I have an amazing bond and I just love him to peices. So being the mom of 3 girls is interesting. I want them all do be daddies girls. I know that sounds strange but I want them to have the same amazing connection with their dad, that I do with mine. At the same time my mom is one of my best friends, and I hope my girls say the same about me when they are adults.

Donna said...

I loved hearing our little boy declare that when he grows up, he's gonna marry Mommy! I don't hear it much these days, but now he writes me little love notes and sticks them on the fridge. I write him love notes and hide them in his lunch box.

It was hard on my husband in the early years, when the kids only wanted Mommy. Now, more often than not, they want to cuddle with Daddy. He has finally reached a little pay-off and he LOVES it!

Pam said...

So cute Fawnda. I haven't seen the commerical, but it sounds great. I know that my days as the favorite are numbered. Soon, my son will realize that Daddy can catch better and throw faster than me. You are right. For right now, it is great to be the MOM!

Karly said...

And then there are the times when it is not so good to be the mom...diarrhea, puke, bloody noses, etc. My kids will only allow Mommy to help them in the most extreme situations. Lucky me! LOL Sometimes it good to be Daddy. Ha!