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Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 Year Old Construction Birthday Party

This week my Baby turned two! It is wonderful and sad all at the same time! He is getting to be independent, able to communicate what he wants, plays great with toys! But he is also getting a little attitude, throwing tantrums, and acting a little demanding! Ahhhhhh, the terrific- terrible twos!

We had our Little Kings Birthday party last weekend. I like to have a theme when I am working on an event... it seems to focus me a little. So when I found this tool belt tutorial I was hooked! I made the tool belt for him for Christmas and we got him some toy tools...and recycled a toy tool bench from my brother's family! Now we had the starting of a fun construction party!

Here is what we did!


The rule is: if you ask people to dress up for your party - You have to dress up!
Here we are as construction workers!

Decorations: I used the Caution Tape from Home Depot as streamers

I used one of my Hubby's work tables to display the cake!
I ordered the cake from the grocery store... they make really good cake and it saved me a bunch of time!
I am sure that you can find a fun cake to make if your google it!
We made a table my putting some plywood on a pair of saw horses!
(My parents were such great sports and went ALL OUT to dress up!)

Building with blocks! The kids LOVED this!

I got plastic hard hats from Birthday Party Express for the kids to decorate with stickers and their names. I picked up the letter stickers and other stickers from the dollar store!
Pin the Tool On the Builder:
I made the builder on tag board and cut out the tools from tag board as well.
See my son peeking at the bottom of the picture!

Here is the tool bench we got!
Beat the Builder:
Kids would try to pound the bottom row of nails before the builder pounds the top row! It is a race! If you win you get a "I beat the Builder!" badge to show off!

I made a bag lunch for the crew! I had all the lunch pre-made. This was one of the best ideas of the party! I did not have to be in the kitchen getting food ready during the party AT ALL! And everyone got fed at pretty much the same time! I put every one's name on their lunch which made it fun!
Here is what I put in each lunch. I had juice boxes for kids and cans of pop for adults.

We had a great time! I got some of my ideas from googling "construction party ideas" and others just came to me!


Lindsay said...

That looks like a really awesome party! I have 3 very girly girls otherwise I would steal it....lol

I am feeling a bit guilty. My baby turns 2 on March 12th. We are closing on our new house on Feb. 26th. So I just don't think I am going to do a party this year. We will have my parents and grandparents over for pizza and cake but that will be the extent of it this year I'm afraid.

Donna said...

Fawnda, great job on the little builder party! I love theme parties for kids!

Lindsay, we didn't do "friend" birthday parties this year, either, for either of our kids. I think family parties are a good way to celebrate, especially when they're so little. I put so much effort and planning into E's 2nd birthday party and had to reschedule it twice. First she was really sick, then I was really sick, and the third time was the charm...unfortunately, many of our guests couldn't make it to the third go-around!

She had fun, but she had just as much fun at her family party this year. My problem is I love throwing kids' birthday parties! I had so many ideas for both of their parties and didn't use any of them. Maybe next year.

Lindsay said...

We didn't do parties for Avery or Sage either but we went to NYC so that's why. The only family we have here are my parents who we eat with all the time anyway and my grandparents who will stay for a whopping 20-30 minutes. If I had more family I woudln't care, but I feel guilty because it really won't be any different than any other week night.

jeannine said...

i have to say, i'm impressed. i've never once done a themed b-day party for my kids. we have dinner, cake, invite grandparents over... that's it. and for my older one, i choose location parties like the skating rink or something, that way it's easier for planning. i'm just not a party planner. good job, Fawnda!

Karly said...

WOW!! This is very impressive! You might have a career in party-planning ahead of you. :) Wish we could have been there to celebrate in person. My kids would have loved all those games.

And thanks for posting this, my husband thinks I go a little overboard for the kids' birthdays. This is proof that it is not my fault, it is in my genes!

fawnda said...

This party was for our family. Both my hubby and me come from big families so we have a full house with just family! :) I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and I like this sort of thing too! : )

I do tend to make a big deal about birthdays! It is like Karly said... it is in my genes!

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