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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Heart the Olympics!

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics this week? I love the Olympics! Either Summer or Winter, I have my favorite events. For the winter it is the figure skating, downhill skiing, and snow boarding. It is AMAZING what people can do! I am always impressed by the training that these athletes go through to get to the Olympics.
I get so into each event that I watch. I find myself acting like I am a judge "oh, that is a half a point deduction!" Even though I could NEVER do what they do! I also love to cheer for the USA team, sometimes that means that I hope the competition will fall or make a mistake (I know, I am not perfect!) And I always get teary eyed when the national anthem is played when US wins gold.
But I think my FAVORITE part of the Olympics are the inspirational stories of the athletes. So many of them over came so many obstacles in there life to get to the Olympics it makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING!
What is your favorite part of the Olympics?


Donna said...

I'm with you, Fawnda! I LOVE any olympic year. It's so exciting to see people doing things that seem impossible...just through their perseverance in training. The sacrifices they make to be olympic athletes are incredible.

I love the same sports as you. Ski jumping and downhill are enthralling to watch. I feel so bad for the skaters and skiers when they fall, their olympic dreams clearly crashing when they do. I did NOT feel bad for the Russian skater who clearly set himself up as the pompous diva on ice...I'm so glad Evan Lycecek put him in his place. He did not need two consecutive gold medals to further bloat his ego.

When Karly and Paul had Baby #2, we brought them dinner on the opening night of the olympics in Torino, Italy. Of course, pizza was on the menu that night! I think they probably thought we were a little crazy, but I just LOVE the olympics! :)

fawnda said...

Yes Donna, I totally agree about the skating situation! : ) I was so happy for Even Lycecek! He really worked hard!!

I also thought that the Japanese skater, that had his skate lace brake, did a really good job coming back after that, I like how the crowd supported him too! : )

Lindsay said...

The only thing I don't like about the olympics is that I stay up way to late watching them. :) We are not big sports watchers at our house, but we do love the olympics. The last winter olympics my dh was VERY sick and he spent hours on the couch wathing curling. He knew all the facts, and stratagies ect.. It was really funny. :)

Karly said...

Donna, I totally remember that! That pizza was sooo yummy, and we did not think you were strange. I have always enjoyed how you do things with a "theme". :) I just cannot believe that was FOUR YEARS AGO!!! Crazy how time flies!

We love the Olympics, too. I agree with Lindsay though, we stay up way too late and then have a hard time falling asleep after all the excitement. Good thing it only happens every four years!

Donna said...

Hahahaha! Karly, I was reeling at the thought of 4 YEARS, too!!! Time is streaking by faster than a naked three-year-old fresh out of the bath.

Fawnda, I have a confession: We did not actually stay up late enough to watch the men's long program figure skating, so I had to find out the next day that Evan beat out the Russian skater. I am so pathetic, I just fade out when it hits 10:00! And we don't have one of those fancy dvr machines to capture the late stuff (we have rabbit ears, one of which is wrapped in aluminum foil because it broke...fancy, huh?) So if we miss it, we miss it! Oh, well!