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Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post to bring you some random thoughts. Due to the snow storm last week and a 4 1/2 day weekend, I haven't had a lot of alone time lately. As a result, you should not expect this post to be profound or insightful. I will, however, share with you a few of the random thoughts floating around in my head.

1. Kids seem to move at only two speeds - slower than you would like and faster than you would like.

2. The Dave Matthews Band formed 20 years ago - in 1990. Let this sink in for a minute. Hey, wait, I remember their first album. That was in 1990, hmmm, but 1990 was just a few years ago. They can't be that old. They're too cool to be old. Pause to do math in head - then to quote Penny from The Big Bang Theory, "Holy crap on a cracker." 1990 was 20 years ago. Wait a minute, that would make me.......almost 20 years out of high school?!

3. This weekend we were waiting at a gas station to, of all things, get gas. All of the pumps were full, so we were waiting behind this car. The man pumped the gas and went into pay. After waiting five minutes, we noticed there was a lady sitting in the drivers seat just sitting there! She just kept waiting and waiting. Finally, some of the pumps on the other side opened so we went over there while she continued to wait. After they finally decided to move, they needed to get air in their tires. I really wanted to block them in for about 10 minutes, but of course I would never do that. Wouldn't that have been funny? I have a really dark alter-ego, but I do my best to keep her hidden.

4. A mother's love is fierce and is exemplified in a mother sea turtle. She treks, voyages and journeys across the open seas year after year to return to the same beach to lay her eggs.

5. Lately I find myself saying everything twice to doctors, teachers at school and even friends. I am not sure why that is, but it seems like I am saying everything twice :).

6. Per Psychology Today in a 2004 study, the average woman uses 7,000 words per day. I am convinced that we are only repeating the same few words over and over: No, Stop, Please, Don't and Potty (not necessarily in that order).

7. Finally, if you would like to feel better about yourself, make sure to check out Celebrity Fit Club on VH1. This season stars Bobby Brown, K-Fed, and Sebastian Bach.

Since this post lacks wisdom, motherly advice or tips for better living, please feel free to share with the group. Happy Monday!


Karly said...

When I saw Dave Matthews on the Grammys recently I said, "Hey, DMB are still cool?? That makes me feel 10 years younger!" Well, shoot I guess I should have said 20 YEARS YOUNGER!! That is CRAZY! Now I feel really OLD!!!

Loved your deep thoughts!

fawnda said...

Those were great thoughts... I feel the same way about Dave Matthews... they are not that old!

Pam said...

I saw them on the Grammys too, and that is what prompted my how chain of thought. I can't beleive they have been around for 20 years!! That is crazy!

Donna said...

Cracking. Up. :D

Thank you, Pam!

Bryssy said...

If you run out of TP and your mom isn't within yelling distance, how long do you sit?

(Contessa sat for about 20 minutes yesterday because I didn't here her yelling for me.) I bet this time varies with age.

I'm thinking of doing more research.

Pam said...

Bryssy - too funny! I am impressed that she waited for the paper!