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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birth of a Blog Post

Today has been one of those days. The kind where I'm busy all day but by the end, I can't really account for my time. I realized around lunchtime that Liz hadn't posted yet because today is NOT Thursday. I kept holding out hope that she would post something later in the day, since her posting time seems to coincide with naptime, but then the full reality of WEDNESDAY hit me. Time seems to be hurtling away from me these days and I just can't keep track. I know that today is one of those days when squeezing out a blog post will be like giving birth...painful, messy, and forgetable, but decided to check in anyway and share what's on my mind.

We found out today that the homeschool kindergarten rule is, indeed, a stupid, stupid rule that will not go away. Our kindergartners in Florida will not be promoted to first grade unless they have completed an accredited, public school kindergarten program. They will repeat kindergarten whether they need to or not if, for some reason, we cannot provide a homeschool first grade education and must enroll them in school. The rule only applies to kindergarten. After that, students are evaluated for grade level placement.

If kindergarten were still the housekeeping, blocks, and reading centers that I remember, it would be so much more palatable. Unfortunately, kindergarten consists of a LOT of testing, deskwork, and basically the same stuff we did in first grade. Our son hates it. He can read, write, tell time, add numbers, count by 5's and 10's, tie his shoes, and so much more, but sit him in a classroom doing worksheets and deskwork all day and his yearning to learn gets squelched. I hate that I have to watch it happen day by day of this 180 day school year. It's painful.

We love his teacher. We love his school. I love the energy and enthusiasm of the staff. Unfortunately, it's a system that does not serve the kids who excel. I'm looking forward to guiding his education myself next year, nurturing his love of learning. It's going to be so good.


Karly said...

I like the line "I'm busy all day but by the end, I can't really account for my time." Man, I feel like that almost everyday.

I agree that Kindergarten is what first grade used to be. The work that Kaden is doing is what I used to do when I taught first grade. Although, if Kid 1 can do ALL of those things already, maybe he should be in first grade. That is very impressive!! BTW, if he lived in Connecticut, he would be in first grade. The cut off is December 31st. :)

Donna said...

Thanks, Karly. This post was really a tired, stream-of-thought mess at the end of a long day. I knew it would be, but I hate to just NOT post anything.

I don't think I'd want him up in first grade yet. He is able to do a lot, but mentally and emotionally, he is still a playful kindergarten boy who loves to learn new things about the world around him. First grade would just be more deskwork and more homework. I definitely don't wish that for him.

He LOVES science, but at this school, kindergartners don't go to science. That's something I would have done more of with him this year. He could also handle more math. Unfortunately, by the time he gets home in the afternoons, he's exhausted and doesn't have the mental energy to sit down and do his homework, never mind extra activities like math.

I just feel like we need to get him through the remainder of this year so we can REALLY get going on his education.