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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gotcha Day

Nov. 5th was our Little King's Gotcha day! The day we tell our son that "We Gotcha!" and the day that he "gotcha" us too! Nov 5th was the day that we actually took custody of our son and brought him home for good!

The week working up to his Gotcha day we had been spending remembering our Little King's delivery into our family.

Here is the story:

On Oct 29th we went to the airport and flew to Korea (an 1 hour flight to Chicago and a 12 hour flight to Korea)

Here we are BEFORE we left. The was BEFORE we became parents. Don't we look well rested.
On Oct. 31st we had our first meeting in our son. It lasted for 1 hour and we got to spend 20 minutes alone with him. He was very happy to play with me and my hubby. We got our first family shot:

Our second meeting with our Little King was on Nov. 3rd, he was not so happy this meeting. He was pretty crabby... but it was because he missed his nap and he was tired. My Hubby worked his "baby whisper" magic and calmed our son down.
He passed our son off to me, and our little king fell asleep in my arms. This is one of my all time favorite pictures!
On Nov. 5th, we got up early to start our journey home. The President of the Korean agency says a prayer for every child that leaves his care. He prayed for our little king and we were ushered into the van to bring us to the airport. It was only once we were in the van with the doors about the close that our son's foster mom handed him over to me. It was AMAZING the calm spirit that took over me. All morning I had been a nervous wreak! But once my Little King was in my arms... everything was right.
We drove to the airport, got on the plane to fly home to the USA (a 14 hour flight to Chicago- than an hour and a half lay over and another hour flight to Minneapolis - all with a 9 month old)
Our son was a GREAT traveler... better than his mama most of the time. (I get motion sick in cars, planes, boats... I am a gem to travel with) He loved the turbulence, he was laughing while I as laying down praying for it to stop!

Here is our son in his car seat for the first time, on the way home from the airport.
Finally home after 21 + hours of traveling by van, plane, and car!
To celebrate our Gotcha Day we went to a Korean restaurant and spent time looking at pictures and telling the story of our Little kings Journey home. I made our Little King a crown to wear for his special day.
The crown says "Today is my Gotcha Day! Nov. 5th 2008"

Here he is happy at the restaurant with his daddy!
It is amazing to remember our trip to Korea to get our son. I cannot image our life without him!


Karly said...

Something about that picture of your son falling asleep in your arms at the second meeting just brought tears to my eyes. Funny how that was a foreshadowing of things to come...ha-ha!

What an amazing and wonderful journey. He is so cute. What a little blessing!

Happy Gotcha Day! Hey, we "got" him too!!

fawnda said...

Yes... absolutely a foreshadowing! He LOVES to sleep with his mama. But I still find it very sweet (most times)

Maria said...

I love your pics! You are such a sweet family. Love it!

Pam said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your story and photos!

Donna said...

I love the "Gotcha Day" celebration! What a special way to celebrate your unique story! You're so creative, Fawnda!

Thanks for sharing your family story. It's priceless!

fawnda said...

Thanks everyone!

FYI: I did not come up with the "gotcha day" idea... lots of adoptive family celebrate it with their families... But I did have the idea to make the crown! : )