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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Your Holiday Treats and Traditions: Happy Thanksmas!

Bryssy submitted this fun holiday tradition that I think makes a lot of sense!

We have Thanks-mas at our house. What is Thanks-mas, you ask? After Thanksgiving dinner we give each other items that will be useful for the holidays (specifically before the holidays). The kids get a Christmas t-shirt, hat, or necklace that they can wear plus a special book for our Christmas collection (I make sure I pick up some good ones 75% off right after Christmas for the next year). Adults get things they can use…I’ve been given a platter I can use for our Sunday School Christmas party or a table runner. Not everyone gets something, just those who need and can use something. I do give spirit box prompts to everyone (so that everyone gets something). This way we can enjoy our holiday-themed gifts throughout the holiday season and don't have to put it away for a year before we ever get to use it.

Happy Thanksmas!


Rachel said...

I love this idea, and we are definitely having Thanks-Mas at our house this year!

Thanks for the great tip this week--can't wait to see next Sunday's post!

Lindsay said...

This is a great idea, and I always wonder when to give my kids their new Christmas stuff. I bought Avery a new Christmas Magic Tree house book just yesterday and didn't want to give it to her yet, so she doesn't read it until after Thanksgiving. Now I know what to do. :)

Donna said...

There's a Christmas Magic Treehouse? We're gonna need to get that book! Where'd you find it?