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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reality Check

I apologize for not blogging the past 2 weeks. I had my blog all written and because I have yet to figure out how to set it to post later, I didn't remember until we were on the road to Kentucky. And last week I was just too dang tired. So anyway, as you all know, Rachel and I took our kids to her parents' house in Kentucky for a few days and we had a blast. The leaves were all different colors and the weather was gorgeous and the kids ran around outside all day and got to see their old buddy Alex. While we were there, Rachel and I were talking and she asked me if I was going to go back to teaching. I said that yes, I would love to because I kind of miss it, and that I plan to go back to work at the earliest when Micah is 4 and can go to preschool every day, but that I might wait until he starts kindergarten. Which is in 3 or 4 years, depending on the plan I choose. That is not a lot of time. That just hit me, especially when I thought about how time has flown since I became a mom, less than 4 years ago. So I decided I needed to enjoy my children as much as possible, because all too soon they're going to be teenagers, sleeping all day and spending more time with friends than family. I did a good job of it, too, on our trip. But it's been harder since we got home. Right now Ethan is sitting at the dining room table, crying because I made him sit in there instead of in front of the TV. And Micah keeps pressing the power toggle on the laptop, interrupting me here. Still, he's also putting Elmo stickers on my shirt and the other day Ethan asked, "Is God in your tummy or your body (what he calls his bottom)?" "He's in your heart," I said, and he looked down at his chest. "Where your feelings are. You know where you feel happy or sad? That's where God is." I am constantly being reminded to focus on the good in my life and in no area is that more true than with my children.


Bryssy said...

You are right, Liz. I used to measure time by "when she can do this" or "when he does that." I became a much happier and (I think) more present mother to my children when I stopped doing that and learned to enjoy the right now with my kids.

I've been stressing lately about leaving teaching at the end of the year. My identity will totally change and I am not exactly sure what the new me will look like. I'll let you know if I figure that out. I'm still not sure about the present me!

Donna said...
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Donna said...

It's true. I totally ignored the "terrible twos" hysteria you hear and read about with our second child and we had a lovely year. She's three now and I still think she's awesome and a lot of fun to be with. I miss KID 1 while he's away all day at school, but he's very well-adjusted and is doing great. That makes me feel good!

Lindsay said...

When Avery was little I use to look forward to the next milestone, with Sage I kind of dreaded the next milestone (being moble, talking (all the time)....), with Capri I try my best to enjoy every single one of them. Avery turned 7 this week and it just blows my mind how quickly they grow up. I miss the "baby" in them, and try to enjoy everyday, even the days where chocolate syrup gets all over my kitchen (yesterday), and days where I have to look up scriptures about lying in the bible to teach a lesson (last week). They grow up not fast enough some days, but way to fast other days.

Karly said...

Totally adorable picture!!

I agree Liz. The speed that life is passing by is frightening some days. One thing I do when I get overwhelmed with this stage of life is to think of the things I will miss when they are teenagers and try to enjoy at least one of those things everyday. Tickling, playing hide and seek (my 18 months old is really good at hiding-hilarious! And scary.), jumping in the leaves, coloring, rolling down the hill, dance parties, doing art projects, singing... There are so many fun things about the preschool years. Amidst the total exhaustion.

Each day is a gift. Sometimes it's wrapped in boogies, but it's still a gift.

Liz said...

Karly, you have such a way with words. :) I am savoring picking my son up from school because he lights up and says, "Hey, Mom!" One day I will pick him up from middle school and all he will do is grunt.