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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dog Days

Well, we've entered into week 3 of our newest additions to the family. They have been duly named Charlie and Sasha! The only problem is that I still call them Buddy and Sweetie. My kids and hubby wouldn't go for my names, but that's OK. We had an entire voting session, so I really can't complain, but all I can say is that the dogs are going to have to learn both names I think.

In case you are wondering what it would be like to add an animal to your family containing young children, I will let you in on a couple of bits of info. (Disclaimer: I'm going to generalize here based on my experiences with my kids. I'm sure not all children act like mine do.)

1) The dogs are easier to train than kids. When you add animals to the mix, you can expect to have to train them in the ways of your family. What was such a surprise to me is that you have to also teach your KIDS in the ways of your family too! You have to teach them how to be compassionate to the animals. Kindness and gentlenesss does not come naturally. Kids think these dogs are like their own personal play toys to dress-up, corrale into tight places, discipline,
hug REAL TIGHT, etc...

2) You have to maintain your alpha status in the family. I woke up this morning at 5:28am to the sound of my kids downstairs playing with the dogs. I was livid. Firstly, to be awakened that early when school was closed due to a hurricane warning. Secondly, because they are not allowed downstairs until I get up to go down with them. Thirdly, because they let the dogs out of their kennels instead of an adult. It was a total conspiracy between the two of them to keep me sleeping long enough for them to get some unsupervised playtime with the dogs. The day just went from there. Our kids are testing, testing and testing me. Today was training day. It literally rained all day with heavy winds so we had lots of time to devote to learning about actions and consequences.

Even with all the upheaval in my life, I'm still glad I adopted these doggies. They are the cutest dogs I've ever had. They love attention and are so appreciative for any little thing you do for them. So far I can recommend saving a doggie from your local shelter. When you get to the point that you see your child learning how to treat an animal lovingly and appreciating the work that goes into owning an animal, it is pretty rewarding. I'm hanging in there!

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