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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week 2 - New Doggies

Hi, y'all!

Well, we have survived the first week with new doggies. It's gone pretty well - much better than I had anticipated. The first week was like a honeymoon period for us and the dogs. They were obedient and we were fascinated with them. Coming into week 2, I've seen a couple of changes...

Change #1: The kids are more relaxed with the dogs. When they came home, these poor dogs did not have a moment to just sit and hang out. Oh, no. They were the #1 attraction in the house. My kids didn't even ask for TV (much). Now they are much better with them. I've had to teach my kids how to pet and show affection without them constantly harassing the dogs. I really thought that would come naturally, but it didn't.

Change #2: The dogs are more relaxed with us. My non-barking dogs now bark when they see someone outside. This is great until they don't stop after a while. Also, the girlie dog LOVES to sit on the couch (off limits) and kind of looks at you like YOU'RE the crazy one for asking her to get off of it. The kids' toys are now a subject of interest to the dogs. I think we're going to have to figure something out about kids' toys on the floor.

The best thing about our new doggies is that they are really very sweet and tolerant. The most concerning thing about them is that I can't relax when they're out with my kids for fear that my kids will provoke them to bite. I have found that dogs are much more predictable than kids! You can pretty much tell how a dog is feeling based on its personality and environment. Kids are a different story. They do the most erratic things and so quickly that it is impossible to anticipate their interaction with animals. Kids think dogs would never bite them because kids think the dog knows how much the kids love them. I now understand why some rescues will not allow homes with young children adopt a pet.

All things considered, I'm glad we adopted these precious dogs. They still don't have names. I'm still on the look-out for aggressive behavior and I think it might be easier on my kids if we don't name them just yet. I want to be 99% sure that we're keeping them before naming them.

Today, things have gone nicely, but I think the male dog is marking his territory all over the house. A little pee here and a little pee there. I keep finding mysterious little wet droplets in strange places. Thank goodness they are banned from going upstairs. Ooooh boy! And, did I mention the male dog is pretty stinky? I think it's his ears. If it keeps up I'll take him to the vet. Vet bill!

Does it sound like I'm pretty negative about the adoption? I'm really pleased with it, but boy is it a lot of extra work. It's a good thing they are so cute and lovable!


Donna said...

Yay! Great pics, Maria! Thanks for posting your pooches...they're adorable. I'm with ya on the no-name thing...but are the kids?! Great theory...hopefully, it won't have to be tested.

mulletmom.blogspot.com said...

Congrats and keep fighting the good fight, so to speak. Our rescue dog came with expectation of us not having children and he's still adjusting. He's MUCH better about wanting her toys, but she's more interested in his now. At least older children can be taught that growling means doggy isn't interested in affection right now. A toddler doesn't get that yet. I have to be hyper vigilant, but would miss my "first child" too much if we had to give him away.

Maria said...

Donna, we are going to decide on a name this weekend! I should just call them "Good Girl" and "Good Boy". What do you think?

Maria said...

M. Mom,
Hey! I hear ya. It can be tough on the nerves to always be vigilant. I totally understand how you feel. I guess we'll just take it one day at a time, right?

Donna said...

How about Motley and Mutley? Daisy and Duke? Flopsy and Mopsy? Pete and RePete? Brad and Angelina? When you need them both, you can just say "Brangelina!"

Or you could go literary: Romeo and Juliet? Sawyer and Finny? Dick and Jane? Bronte and Beatrix?

How about film: Mickey and Minnie? Lady and Tramp? Nemo and Dorie? Harry and Sally? I could go on! Somebody stop me!

Have fun with the naming!