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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Progressive Make-Up

Progressive used to be the music I listened to in the late 80's. At least, we called it Progressive, but I think it was really Alternative music. The Cure, Love and Rockets, and Depeche Mode to name a few bands that I really liked. I would go to concerts at the Cameo in the old part of Miami (now it's called South Beach). That's where I saw The Ramones and Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert. My then boyfriend, now husband of 16 wonderful years (gasp!), and I would dance the night away at Respectables in West Palm Beach. Those were some fun days...

Now, progressive has a new definition for me. It's how I put my make-up on. Just like a progressive dinner where you have appetizers at this house, main course at another house and finally dessert somewhere altogether different.

I start out with a tinted moisturizer. I hope this will make me look a little more alive in the morning. Next stop, I put on the tinted lip gloss. I make sure to keep the sunglasses on because the mascara doesn't come on until later just before I bring some lunch to hubby at work. The eyeliner and light eye shadow is applied in the car pickup line at school around 2:30pm. I want to look my best for at least the afternoon!

Top five reasons why I put my make-up on in the car:

5) The natural lighting

4) I always know where to find my make-up bag

3) Stop lights become really just an opportunity for beauty

2) If I start putting it on at home, I'll be totally late because I'll find more and more things to do.

and for the #1 reason...

1) The kids are strapped in their car seats watching a movie while I listen to my progressive music!

This is my reality right now.

My dream is to one day get to the point where I wake up earlier than my children and get totally ready for the day (including make-up). I would then read something spiritually uplifting while drinking my perfectly flavored coffee. After this time of great reflection, I would greet my children warmly and affecionately help them prepare for their day at school where they will arrive early. The day goes on from there. I'll let you know when I get to that point!

How do you get ready to face the world? Is it a rush? Is it just the way you like it? What works for you?


Donna said...

Oh, Mariaaaa! I would just love to wake up before my children...that sounds idyllic! But my children often wake up between 5:00 and 5:30am, so getting up earlier is not an option for me. I'm not a morning person, so my husband usually gets up with the kids first and lets me have a bit more time to rouse...as late as 6:00am! Lucky me!

Jenny said...

I'm feelin' ya. I keep my tweezers in the car - I can see way more stray hairs after I've parked and taken a cursory look in the visor mirror.

Teresa said...

I manage to wake up a few minutes before my kids. I read a little, check my email, but it always seems that my kids wake up soon after. Even if I try to get up extra early, my kids will wake up soon after!

And I do my makeup in the car...always!

Donna said...

Oh, and I mostly don't wear make-up...I'm lucky to get a shower in the morning.

Maria said...

Jenny - Hey! The Tweezer thing works for me too! I have two. One for the cosmetic bag in the car and one at the house.

Donna- You always look beautiful daaaling!

Teresa - Can I move to your house?

christina said...

you girls are a trip! i've been checking your site every few days and love reading all the posts. you girls are very entertaining to say the least! :0) thanks for the laughs! see you all soon, i'm sure. love, christina updike

Maria said...

Thanks Christina! I appreciate the encouragement. Glad you're enjoying the posts!