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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I have reached that stage in life where I am attending so many baby showers that I think there is a baby down pour. I love attending baby showers and celebrating the coming of a new life into the world.

Part of the fun, and even the challenge of all these celebrations is finding a meaningful (and frugal) gift to shower upon the expectant mothers. These handmade taggie blankets have been the solution to my problems!

Babies love their soft and silky touch and mamas love how these little tags can occupy and stimulate their new little loved ones.

What is your favorite baby shower gift to give?


Rachel said...

What a beautiful blanket! My favorite baby shower gift to give is a pair of Isabooties baby shoes. They are difficult to find in stores, but they are wonderful for the pre-walker.

Donna said...

For a while, I made nursing drapes for new moms who expressed an intent to breastfeed their babies. Now I like to give my favorite books, either helping the new parents start a library for the new baby or sharing a favorite parenting book. Baby Signs books are great, and I LOVE the Dr. Sears Baby Book. I refer to it for almost everything!

Maria said...

What a great gift idea. Do you make these? Do you do custom colors? Absolutely beautiful!

Jason & Fawnda said...

I love the tag blanket!

For baby showers I try to get something that they registered for, but once the baby is born and has a name I like to get a blanket personalize with their name and birth date on it.

I am expecting my first child though adoption in late October. I have gone to so many baby showers that I cannot even count them! Now I am finally getting one thrown for me and I am so excited!

Fawnda (Karly's sis)

Teresa said...

Rachel, I love the little bootie idea. Anything small to cover a babies little toes are just precious!

Donna, I have been a recipient of one of your drapes, and it was a great present!

Fawanda, you must be so excited that! Congratulations!!!

These are handmade baby blankets that I make! I love to give a little handmade gift. I don't think handmade is very commmon these days!

Organizing Mommy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I give gift cards! Boring, I know.