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Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Do What?

When child number two came around, a dear friend of mine brought out her cloth diaper stash to show me how easy it was.
Cloth diaper? No way? People really still do that?

I was not going to cloth diaper. Nope. Not even interested.

Well, seventeen months later, we are a cloth diapering family (for over a year)....and truly it is easy. Not just easy, but simple and very inexpensive!

Our water bill has not gone up since cloth diapering. Since we hang our diapers on the line, our electric bill has stayed the same. The only difference is the small amount of time I put into washing the diapers and hanging them outside!

Truly, it is easy. People really still do it. And, yes we have saved a ton of money cloth diapering!


Donna said...

It truly is easy. We cloth diaper at home, primarily, but I have a cute vinyl-lined zip bag for dirties on the go.

And my daughter doesn't get as many diaper rashes when we cloth diaper...I think something in the disposables irritates her skin.

The diaper pail can get smelly, but we keep it on the back porch and do a small load every two days or so. Thanks for sharing your cloth-diapering experience, Teresa!

Rachel said...

More power to you, Teresa! This time around cloth diapering just wasn't practical for our lifestyle, but maybe next time...

It's a great thing for so many reasons, and I'm so proud of you for doing it! You make it sound pretty easy and accessible--I would love to hear some cloth diapering tips in the future.

Teresa said...

I know cloth diapering doesn't work for all. I thought for sure it would not work for us, but me being the frugal mama, I made it work! And it's not that much work!