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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fairy Bin

How do you organize play clothes?

I've tried different ways. Hanging up, stuffing in, etc... They usually end up in a mess on the floor of each room.

This Christmas I wanted to give my girls some dress-up clothes along with a bin to keep them all in. When I looked up how much a new bin would be, I decided that $99 for a pretty white one would be too expensive and I devised another plan.


The Fairy Bin!

I went to Wal-Mart and bought two clear plastic bins ($25 total) and then bought wall stickers at the Dollar Store ($5 total). When I got home, I had a blast creating a fairy scene on the outside and covers.

I plan to put all the new dresses in here and wrap it all up for Christmas. I made two. One for dress-up clothes and the other for blankets and pillows. They LOVE to dress-up and camp-out in the backyard.

Playing pretend is the glue that keeps them together. They play so nicely when it's just the two of them, dressed-up and camping out. It really is magical. Those are the times I sigh and smile at the two sisters enjoying each other's company. It balances-out those times they don't get along.

P.S. I bought the dress-up clothes after Halloween for 50% off.


Donna said...

Terrific, Maria! They will absolutely love this!

My kids also get along the best when they are pretending together. Their skill levels do not have to be equal to enjoy pretend play equally...now putting together the train set and sharing trains or using building materials...that's another story!

Dress-up just seems to work for kids as soon as they're able to tie on a scarf and run around, usually shouting "Aaaargh! I'm a pirate!" or "I'm flyyyyy-innnng!", depending on where exactly they've tied their scarf, of course!

Rachel said...

These boxes are adorable, Maria! What a creative idea--your girls will love them!

Carrie said...

CUTE Maria! I love it!