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Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Old Gal!

She's fabulous. She's fifty. She doesn't look a day over 17, and she has more plastic in her face than Joan Rivers. She's Barbie! Fifty years ago today, she was first introduced to America, and she has impacted our society in more ways than ever imagined.

I love this Barbie fun fact that I found at this web site (The Facts of Barbie), "If Barbie was human sized, she would stand 5 foot 6 inches tall, weigh 110 pounds, and have a 39 inch bust, 18 inch waist and 33 inch hips." In a culture where so much pressure is placed on size, looks and weight, I think it is safe to say that many of us have a love/hate relationship with the Barbie's of our world. As a mom of a very busy boy, I am so tired that I would rather spend 5 more minutes sleeping than primping, and let's not even mention the gray hairs and stress eating!! I myself feel especially glamorous on days when I actually blow-dry my hair and put on jeans instead of sweats.

In honor of her birthday, I think we Motley Moms should create a pact concerning beauty.
  1. If you show up at a play date with oatmeal in your hair, I promise not to roll my eyes when you say it is a beauty treatment.

  2. When you decide to go on Atkins to loose the pregnancy pounds from your five year old, I will not bring cookies, brownies or anything but celery to Bible studies, girl scout meetings and/or all play dates.

  3. When you decide that Atkins isn't worth it and you love your curves, I will be the first to hand you a Mallomars or other confection of your choice.

  4. When you FINALLY decide to cover your gray, I will smile and agree that "it must just be your new shampoo."

  5. When you show up to MOPS without concealer, I will tell all the other mom's that you are just going "Goth". I'll say, "It's the latest rage in Hollywood. Katie Holmes is showing it off on the cover of People."
I am not sure if it is because I am older or wiser, but I am happier now with my looks than I have ever been. Maybe its just that I am too tired to worry with such things, or maybe my vision is just bad enough that I can't see the crows feet and wrinkles. I was in high school in the late 80s and early 90s, so my hair was under a lot of pressure back then - the perms, the Aqua Net, the rat-tailed combs. I haven't had a really bad hair day since I quit spending so much time trying to make my bangs defy gravity. That was also about the time I got married. I wonder if the two are related.

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday. May you get enough beauty sleep today, and if you are really lucky, maybe you will have time to blow dry your hair. If you didn't have enough Barbies when you were little, you can purchase a re-issue of the original at Target this week for only $3. I actually never had a Barbie, so I think I might get one today and see what I have been missing. Maybe she will inspire me to put on more makeup than just lip gloss.


Liz said...

Pam, what a great post! I had one Barbie growing up, which I tore the head off and threw in the ditch beside our house (trailer). You could say I was a little bit of a tomboy.
I'm glad you're back!

Donna said...

I had a suitcase full of Barbies in varying states of undress (mostly naked), with varying numbers of limbs attached, and varying lengths of hair (even though they all began their plastic lives with long tresses). My sisters and I were a little scissor-happy. More than one of my Barbies sported the nubbin-hair look.

My mom was the Barbie doctor. She could expertly snap those arms and legs back on in mere seconds. She also had to dress Barbie for us, since taking their clothes off was much easier than finagling them onto their hard plastic forms (arms were most difficult to deal with, it seems).

When we tired of our Barbies, they were packed into their suitcase and stored in the attic for safekeeping, where their naked bodies melted together into one big Barbie heap in the sweltering Florida inferno of the attic. We weren't that sad about it, either.

Liz said...

The Barbies melted together??? That is so cool!

Jason and Fawnda said...

We LOVED to play Barbie! We had tons and my mom gave us all the ones she played with when she was little... we saved them so if I ever have a little girl she can play with them too. And since we live in Minnesota they are not melted together!
Karly always got the blonde Barbie (because she is blonde) and I always got the brown haired one (because I am a brunette) named Dana or Dava or Donna or whatever name they had at the time!
My grandma would make clothes for our Barbies so we could change them all we wanted.
We would have beauty pageants and Karly would always get to pick the Queen but than I would get to pick the 2 princesses... she talked me into it every time... I never got to pick the queen. But I got to pick 2 and she only got to pick 1... I got the better deal right?!?
And we always choose the little chubby ugly one for Miss. Congeniality. Hmmmmmm- figure that one out! : )
I have great memories of playing Barbie.


Karly said...

We did have Barbie World at our house. Complete with a two houses, two cars, an airplane, and loads of clothes. We would play for hours!!

I do think it was funny that we had a "Miss Congeniality" in our beauty pageants.

Happy Birthday, Barbie! You may have given us all a complex, but you are far milder than the TV and internet images that our daughters will have to face!