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Thursday, March 12, 2009

What About Yo Frennzzzzz?

I think I've posted before about how blessed I am, that I really am living a charmed life. My husband is great and I have two adorable, sweet, healthy boys. I have family nearby who are almost always on call to provide free babysitting and I am involved in a tae kwon do school that nurtures me physically, socially, and spiritually. Oh, and I go to a wonderful church, too. My life is terrific, really. One way God has always blessed me is through friendships. In high school I had a tight-knit group of friends from both my church and my school. Even though most of these friends and I rarely talk anymore, having them still kept me out of a lot of trouble when I was younger. In college I had friendships that were even deeper and more beneficial, and I even had those kinds of friendships once I graduated and started teaching, especially with my two roommates, both of whom were in my wedding. I kept some of these post-college friends even once I married and had children, although some of them are single or married without children. My bestest friend lives in Vero and while we have a hard time catching each other on the phone, we visit pretty regularly. Another of my besties lives here in LW and thanks to AOL Instant Messenger, we talk pretty much every day. She and her mom also babysit my kids from time to time. Another good friend of mine is a nurse and has regular weekdays off, so sometimes she'll come over and we'll take the kids to lunch then play video games or watch TV on DVD while they nap. She's 10 years younger than me, but we get along fabulously. Facebook has made it easier for me to keep in touch with my current friends and people I haven't talked to or seen in decades. In addition to these wonderful people in my life, I now have my newest friends - my Mom friends. I see them at MOPS, at the playpark, and at playdates at various homes. This was the missing link, the piece of life puzzle that I didn't even know was missing. I admit that it's hard for me to make new friends and that when I first had Ethan, I didn't think I needed Mommy friends or MOPS. Boy, was I wrong. The friendships I have made through MOPS have given my life a new fullness. It's great for my kids, too; they now have playmates and other adults to love and who love them. So thank you, all of you. Thanks to those of you who knew me in high school or college, those of you who were in my wedding and saw me through the post-college/pre-Todd years, and most of all, just for today, thank you to my Mom friends. You all make me feel a little saner and a little less alone in the craziness of 24/7 childcare. And thanks for loving my kiddos, too.


Donna said...

Yep. I can totally relate. I rely on my "mom-friends" to help me stay sane and they are awesome! It's been a slow build over the years since our first child came along, but it's been worth the wait! God has truly blessed me with the best of friends!

Lindsay said...

Okay I have to admit that I am totally jealous. Although I have all kinds of people in my life I feel like they are all "surface" friends. Friends who I see once or twice a month and lightly chat with from time to time, but I don't feel like I have anyone in my life that I can call on the phone on a bad day or have any real conversation with. I do feel very blessed but this is one area in my life that I am really struggling with.

Sorry to hijack. :)

Maria said...

I liked your post and the feeling is mutual. It's been great getting to know you and I look forward to sitting behind you in church this Sunday :)

Donna said...

Girl, you can call me anytime (as long as you don't mind constant interruptions!). I hardly EVER get to talk on the phone anymore, but it just makes me more determined to meet up with friends face-to-face.

It's like we were saying today, sometimes we have to force ourselves to take that extra time for ourselves to connect with friends. This is why I love our park meetups, French class, Bok Tower visits, etc. I'll just make sure you know when we're doing anything "extra" so you can join us! When I start to feel disconnected, I know I need to pick up the phone (or get online) and arrange a playdate!

Pam said...

I was just thinking today at MOPS how lucky I am that God has blessed me with all of you. I prayed a lot for a nice town to live in, but God has went above and beyond in answering that prayer. Mom friends have saved my life - at least emotionally. Being a stay at home mom can be so lonely and isolated. I was lucky enough to have a few close mom friends before, but I don't think there is a Hallmark card sappy enough to say how much my Florida friends have meant to me and Alex. :)

Liz said...

Awww, Pam, we love you, too!
Lindsay, you're not hijacking. Welcome! And you can call me, too. Or message me on Facebook. Much less likely to hear me yell at my kids that way ;).

Karly said...

I agree that my mommy friends are the missing link. I LOVE my mommy friends. I have women near and far that I can call or e-mail or visit and they will encourage me, crack me up, or say a prayer for me. And sometimes all of the above! And hopefully, I can return the favor.

Some of the moms on this blog I have never even met, but I count you as friends. My Cyber-Mommy friends!!

Bryssy said...

Lindsay, I totally relate.

As a working mom, I am just not around to build the MOPS friendships. The working moms I know, well, we just don't have a lot in common. It's like their children are accessories, not really people, in their lives. I have some great work friends but they are mostly older or in really different stages of life than I am.

Mostly, I just try to stay busy. I would love to have some close friends but it just hasn't happened for me either. It can be lonely.

Of course, maybe it's because many of the women I know read my blog posts and they think there is something wrong with me. That's totally possible. Seriously.

Liz said...

Bryssy, I don't think anything's wrong with you. Although I have been meaning to suggest that when you put the plates into the cupboard, you put them on the bottom, then the ones on top get used and you don't have to move them all around to get them out.