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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Adventures

We like to go on little adventures from time to time. The lastest was a beach trip that we dreamed up the night before. Anna Maria Island happens to be our favorite place when we just want to hang out on the beach and chill.
My hubby becomes a different person on these little trips. Suddenly, the cares of the world are insignificant and we concern ourselves with the fun things that the day will bring. If the trip takes a couple of hours in the car - that's OK. It gives us a chance to talk about things that take some time.
When we're at home, there are so many distractions. The phone, laundry, cleaning, projects, and whiny kids are all things that keep us from just relaxing with each other. One of my goals in life is to make our home more comfy to rest in, but for now the little trips are working for us.
In case you like to do the same, I have found a good deal for the month of May. It has become a tradition of sorts for us to go to Daytona Beach for Mother's Day. You see, the Hilton at Daytona Beach has a Florida resident special every year that I have not seen advertised. For $109 plus taxes, you can get an oceanfront room right on the beach at this really nice hotel. If you want to save a few bucks, for $99 you can get an oceanview room and for $89 you can get a room overlooking the city. The only other expense is the parking charge they have, but I think you can find less expensive parking across the street (we just pay the parking charge for convenience). If you go Mother's Day weekend, it's pretty quiet. If you go Memorial Day weekend it's pretty busy.

What we like about this hotel is that it is right on the beach and next to the Ocean Walk Village. Once you park your car, you really don't have get back in it until you leave. They have Johnny Rockets, Bubba Gump, Coldstone, Starbucks, pizza, mexican food and smoothie restaurants. There's also a movie theatre and surf shop there too. Most weekends showcase entertainment on the outdoor amphitheatre.

The Hilton has 2 pools (one of them being indoor/outdoor) and a hot tub. One thing that is nice is that is has CHILDCARE! Yes, CHILDCARE! You can pay a fee and the kids can play in their super nice kid area for as long as you want. This is especially nice if the parents want a quiet dinner out.
Well, here are some pics from year's past. I have enjoyed posting this blog immensely because I got to look at these pics and remember the great times we've had!

When I only had one!

A funny ride!

Smile pretty!

Surf's up!


Donna said...

Wow! What fun, Maria!!! I love the pics, by the way!

That little vacation deal sounds just right for a mini-getaway. Thanks for sharing the deal with us!

Liz said...

How fun! And thanks for sharing the deal. Those pics are so cute!

Karly said...

If I still lived in Florida I would soooo be doing this! I would really love a beach get away right about now!

Great pictures! What fun family memories! Your family is sooo beautiful!

Rachel said...

Great pics and a great deal! Thank you for the info!