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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slowing Down

Somedays I don't know which way is up. Seriously. I just seem to spend all my time spinning my wheels. I add more to my "To Do" list than I cross off. I juggle a lot of stuff.

Just like every mom I know.

One thing that has really been life changing is to make time just to be with my kids every week.

A couple weeks ago, I took my planning period and went to help with THE Princess's class study on Dr. Seuss. After reading The Foot Book, THE Princess and her classmates rolled up their pant legs and got their feet painted.

Then, they listened to the story being read again, acting out with their feet what they heard.

There was a lot of giggling. Paint went all over the place, but mostly on the paper.

This was a rare moment where THE Princess didn't mind getting dirty (painty, actually). We cleaned up by giving each child pedicures (tubs of warm soapy water to soak their feet in) while they waited to have their feet scrubbed clean.
Last week, we made no-cook play clay. It's easy and fun. THE Princess mixes hers in a zip-top baggie to minimize the gooeyness. KOTJ and I mashed it up with our bare hands. Our recipe makes a great kid-sized amount and the more you mash it, the better it is.
[Play Clay: Mix together 2 tablespoons water, 1 tablespoon oil & as much food coloring as you like in a cup. Mix 6 tablespoons flour and 2 tablespoons salt in another cup or bowl (or baggie). Dump it all together and smoosh! ]
In another turn of events, KOTJ has discovered our dog's water bowl. He has taken to dumping and playing in the water about once a day. I just keep a towel nearby and let him splash it up!
I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff.
What fun stuff have you been up to lately?


Liz said...

I let the baby eat dirt. Really. We go outside and play and as long as he doesn't eat acorns, I let him taste stuff. I read an article about how we have too many allergies and kids with asthma because we're too clean. They recommended letting kids eat dirt to get "good" worms in their systems and build up immunity. So we go outside and have no rules other than, Don't hurt yourself. Don't hurt someone else. Don't put acorns in your mouth.

Donna said...

I bear witness to the fact that your little one is a dirt connoiseur. But the worm thing...ewwww.

I don't stress out about dirt either, Liz. Unless it's dirt shared by cats. That really can make you sick.

Liz said...

Dangit Donna, now I'm worried about cat poop!

Donna said...

Just keeping you on your toes!

Bryssy, the pics are adorable! Esp. the one of THE Princess looking so satisfied with her little blue tootsies! ;-D

Bryssy said...

She was pretty proud of how she got all "dirty" and didn't even cry.

Lindsay said...

I may have to let me girls do this. Paint with their feet and them give them a pedicure. How fun is that! Thanks so much for sharing.

Oh and I too allow my kids to eat dirt..lol :)