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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slacker Mom

I didn't have my post ready for today. Those kinds of things just eat at me. I took the day off of teaching school to go to test for an additional teacher certification today. (I passed.) So, I have come back to school (to pick up my kids) and to write my post...my apologies for the delay.

I have started this post about 4 times and it's not really coming together. So, instead of struggling through, I have decided to post some FAILs from the fail blog. After seeing these, I feel so much better about myself.

And, to address one of my pet peeves, the automated answering system for businesses. VolP News has a great article.

An excerpt:

What to Press
Confuse, frustrate and game the system by pressing these numbers and characters.

Press zero. Pressing zero will often result in a direct route to a live person. Continue pressing zero until you're put through. You may need to try combinations such as "0#," "#0," "0*" or "*0."

Memorize prompts. If you're unfortunate enough to have call about the same issue on a regular basis, memorize the prompts that work for you.

Press the pound key. Skip to the next message or just confuse the system by pressing this character.

Press the star key. Again, the star key can open up system tricks or simply make the system give up on you.

Press everything. By pressing multiple numbers, you can trick systems into thinking you're on a rotary phone — or that you're crazy. Either way, you're in.

Go through the phone prompts. Sometimes it pays to work with the system.

Press any digit repeatedly. You may land in the wrong department, but you'll end up at beginning of line when you're transferred.

There are 50 good ideas, but you'll have to check them out by clicking here.

Have a great Tuesday!


Liz said...

Thank you - I love the fail blog.

Donna said...

I can totally relate to that "slacker" feeling when I'm not able to post on my day! Anytime I don't post when I should, you can pretty much assume that I'm a) having a really crappy week and just don't have it in me to post anything or b)totally stressed to the point of NOT being able to appreciate that S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D spells "DESSERTS" backwards. I had to prioritize on Saturday, since I hadn't gotten my post written and scheduled ahead of time, and we ended up having a great but very busy day!

Congrats on the certification, Bryssy!

Bryssy said...

Thanks girls. The fail blog makes me laugh almost every single day.

Donna, I don't know if I should keep adding the certs. I figure if the economy is so bad that I can't stay home and homeschool (as we are planning) then I will at least be able to teach at the same school where my kids attend.

Lindsay said...

I too love the fail blog! :)