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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today I had back-to-back doctor's appointments, so my friend Pam watched my kids for me. She brought her son Alex over and kept all 3 children through what is one of the craziest times of day at my house - lunchtime and getting-down-for-our-nap-time. I left the house about 10:50, drove to Winter Haven, spent 25 minutes in my gynecologist's office (a new record!), and had 75 minutes until my next appointment, which was in Lake Wales. Fortunately I had a book with me, so I went to Firehouse Subs, and ate lunch and read ALL BY MYSELF.
I used to feel sorry for people who ate alone in restaurants. I used to be so self-conscious that I wouldn't eat alone in a restaurant, especially one in Winter Haven, where I almost always run into former students. However, my life has changed. I am rarely alone anymore. I'm not complaining because I love sleeping next to my husband and I really don't mind being walked in on by my son when I'm in the bathroom, but I am extremely introverted (90% according to the Myers-Briggs) and sometimes I. Just. Want. To. Be. Alone.
On the way back from Winter Haven, I was able to listen to 80s on 8 and sing Def Leppard without someone asking, "What you singin', Mom?" or requesting, "No thank you for singing, Mom!" I even flipped over to 90s on 9 and listened to "Do Me" by Bel Biv Devoe, a song I would never listen to with my impressionable children in the backseat, until I felt guilty and changed the station yet again. (Do you remember that song? It's really dirty!)
Anyway, I then went to my next appointment, which was with my psychotherapist (psycho therapist?), and I always feel great after that, so I bit the bullet and went to Publix. ALONE. And it was terrific. It's amazing what you can get done in a grocery store without children and with a list.
When I got home my children had been fed and were asleep. It was AMAZING. I was on an alone-time high for the rest of the day.
Well, not quite.
I feel like I need to tell this story, mainly because it scared the crap out of me and I think writing about it might take some of the horror away.
When Todd got home from work, we took the kids to the new play park. He was down below with Ethan and I followed Micah to the top of the play structure. There were tons of kids up there waiting to go down the slide and I was a little distracted by them and Micah hasn't really gotten the hang of steps yet, so he went right off the edge of one, which wouldn't have been a big deal, except that he then proceeded to fall between the posts of a climbing area to the ground below. I caught his ankle just in time and he dangled there while I got enough of a grasp to pull him up. I kept thinking of Michael Jackson hanging his kid out of that 4-story window or whatever it was. He was going down head-first. And yes, the ground of the playground is ground-up tires, very spongy and soft, but still. He was going head-first. Don't tell me he wouldn't have been badly hurt. It still horrifies me to think about it. He didn't know he dodged a bullet, but I sure did. In fact, I might go get him out of bed just to hold him for a little while.


Liz said...

I'm sorry, but I just can't figure out how to set it up to post later. It's smarter than me. I didn't mean to take your day, Maria!

Donna said...

To schedule a post, click on "post options" at the bottom left of the compose window (editing mode). It will then drop down a section below the writing window where you can set the day and time you want it to post.

Glad you enjoyed your time alone with your gyn, pt, and Bel Biv Devoe...we all need a little respite from the kids now and then!

Playgrounds are really quite dangerous for the adventurous child if you think about it! Tons of kids end up in the emergency room with broken bones and worse from playground falls. Scary. But at some point we have to let them try! Glad you were quick on your toes and made the grab for Micah in the nick o.t. ...that could have been really bad!

Liz said...

I swear I did that, Donna, but it still posted right away! I'll try again next week if I get ambitious enough to actually write my post ahead of time.

fawnda said...

I fell down the stairs while holding my little king and it was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me so I understand about the park incident! I got more hurt than my son in the fall, he didn't really get phased by it but I know he had used one of his 9 lives (and about 3 of mine!) I sat at the bottom of the steps crying thinking of what could have happened! I am glad to hear that everyone is OK!

Donna said...

Oh, my gosh, Fawnda, that must have been SO scary!!! It's every mother's fear when you have steps anywhere in your home!

Glad to hear the little guy was okay!

Pam said...

So, I loved that Bel Biv Devoe song. Alex and I had a great time at your house. The boys were really good together. I am glad you had some alone time. Everyone needs it now and then. Before Alex when I was going through all of that infertility stuff, I went to California by myself to see my friend Jody. Alone is sometimes good.

fawnda said...

Yes Donna- VERY scary! I was able to tuck and roll so I took the brint of the fall. I now take stairs very seriously... I always use the railing and look before I step. it might take me a bit longer but it is worth it not to fall.

Maria said...

The color must have drained from my face from reading your blog about the fall. Things just happen so fast. Your reflexes are good! God is so good.

BTW, mine posted on Bryssy's day because I hit post instead of post options. After you do that, it's a done deal. You have to then copy it somehow (can't remember how I did it) and delete the post you don't want showing. It was a major pain in the bootay. I won't be doing that again! So, no prob. I didn't notice that you posted on my day anyway :) no biggie

Lindsay said...

I am so glad that you saved Micah from that fall. I followed Capri up to the top yesterday and although she wasn't close to falling, I did have that fear when I realized how many open spots were up there. Qucik move on your part......and what a great God we have!

I fell this morning (tripped over my husbands tool outside), while holding Capri. Luckily I turned and took all the impact on my right side. She didn't even touch the ground, but man oh man am I sore tonight.

hgrenier said...

alone is AWESOME sometimes and I'm not even an introvert... sometimes i get touch overloaded and nobody can touch mommy for the rest of the day - eric (hubby) really hates when that happens! ;}

i felt your panic reading about micah's fall! yikes! i know the feeling when you just want to wake them up to hug them! i had a horrible nightmare about my oldest this summer... so i climbed into bed with him at 2am because i just wanted to hold him and be near him...

Liz said...

My husband fell with Ethan once. He got a giant bruise on his hiney, but Ethan was fine, just scared. A few months ago I fell with Micah and again, giant bruise, but the kid was fine. It's a scary thing to be human. Fortunately, we have the grace of God. And I have ninja reflexes ;).

Donna said...

You're just a B.A.M., Liz!