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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I love clothes. I have for as long as I can remember. I also love to match my clothes. I am not talking about wearing colors that go together, I am talking about all out coordinating outfits down to the socks and shoes and accessories. In college I would even match my bra and underwear to my outfit. It was a form of art to me.

I think that it all goes back to my aunt, who used to paint earrings to match our wardrobe exactly. If you had a plaid shirt that you loved, she would paint that plaid pattern onto the earring for you. It was details like this that made it fun to put an outfit together. It is what gave me the passion I have today! Thanks Auntie Jill! : )

So, people should not be surprised that I also like to match my son. Sometimes our match is subtle, like we are both wearing browns. But, sometimes it is total twin, we both have on our jean jackets, blue shirts and khakis This is not to say that I dress my son like a girl, no sir! He is always dressed like a boy! It is a challenge that I look forward to every day "What am I going to dress my little king in today?.... now, what am I going to wear?" I love it when people notice! My hard work is appreciated! You never know when a photo opportunity will come up and we want to look good in our pics.

My Dear Husband would never let me match him when we got married, he thought it was lame (go figure!) However, since we have our son he has started to like to coordinate as a family (or at least humor me). I know that I only have a short time before my little king will start to have an opinion of his own about what he wants to wear, so I am taking advantage of it now! Someday I hope to have a sibling to match to their brother! What fun!


Lindsay said...

I LOVE to match the girls together. My oldest is starting to reject it on occasion. But I love it when they all coordinate. On Easter, and Christmas they match exactly (which is hard to do in a 6X, 4T, and 12 months). I however have a horrible time putting my own outfits together. It's never been something that I do well. I always have to take someone along with me when I go shopping. Because if it's not on a maniquin somewhere I can't put it together.......lol

Pam said...

That is so funny! I secretly try to make us match too, but I can usually only pull it off on special days. How fun!

Maria said...

I really have no aspirations to for all of us to match! Sometimes it is all I can do to get some clean, wrinkle free clothes on period! I'm in awe of people that match like that.It truly is an art.

Donna said...

I've decided the true art of clothing is to own as few articles as possible, none of which is "dry clean only," very few which have to be ironed, and all of which are well-liked by each individual owner. That little formula equals happiness in our household.

More often than not, my kids and I tend to match only out of some subconscious awareness of a certain "color of the day," which I am not aware of until the three of us walk out the door. Sometimes I'm just having a "green day," and don't even realize that I've put the same colors on my daughter that I have chosen for myself. Then our oldest chooses his own clothing and is just gleeful when we all have the same color on!