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Friday, April 10, 2009

Lessons I have learned about God by becoming a parent Part 1

I am Guest posting for Karly this week. I am Karly's younger sister Fawnda. She is enjoying Spring break. I am going to let Karly keep the title of "bodily fluids mom" and post something a little more serious. (Sorry Donna, I know that you were so looking forward to reading about Poop or Puke while drinking your morning coffee, but that will have to wait until next week!)

Being that it is Good Friday I thought it would be good to reflect on God's love.

I became a mom through adoption. My little king was adopted from Korea and he is the light of our lives. Our story as Christians is all about adoption. Here are a few things that I have learned since coming home with my son. I have labeled this post "part 1" because God is not finished teaching me things about himself yet!

God’s love for us is amazing.

As I sit at night trying to rock my son back to sleep, I have a lot of time to think. One night as I rocked, I looked at my son and could not get out of my head how much I love him. It is indescribable the amount of love I have for this child of mine (as is true for you and your children, I’m sure!). I chose to adopt this little boy, he did not earn my love, he had it before I had even met him. It did not matter what his background was or what his birth family was like, I loved him and I wanted him to be mine. God’s love for us is the same. His love for us is indescribable! We went through a lot of work to get our son, paperwork, a home-study, meetings, classes, and lots of waiting. God has gone though much more work than that. He sent his son to die for our sins and he waited for us to choose him. We can do nothing to keep his love from us!

God wants us to love him back and rejoices when we choose Him!

Just the other day I was at the post office dropping off a package and my little king laid his head on my shoulder and cuddled in for a hug. The lady in front of me took a look and said “someone really loves their mommy.” It is true- my son loves me. It makes me OVERJOYED to think of it. I was worried about the bonding and attachment we would have with our son. Would he choose to love us as parents? He had a right not to. But he does love us! There is nothing better than our son showing us that he loves us, by giving us hugs, smiling at us when we come into the room, giving us wet and slobbery kisses, they are all great! I think that it is the same way with God. He chooses us to be his child and he longs for us to love him back. I also think that God is overjoyed when we show we love Him by getting into his word, praying, living generously, helping others and many other ways, even if it is a little slobbery God knows our hearts.

What have your kids taught you about our God?


Pam said...

Hi Fawnda, GREAT post!! I love reading about your story. This was so well written, and is a perfect analogy of God's love for us. Before we met Alex, I would spend a lot of time hoping that I could instantly love a child I didn't give birth to. It was amazing how I knew when I saw him that he was my child. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a great Easter with your little king.

Lindsay said...

Great analogy of God's love for us. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your little King. :)

Maria said...

Happy Easter!

I can relate to your blog about our kids not having to earn our love.

I often tell my girls that that's how it'll be for them when they have their family.

I love it!

Karly said...

Fawnda, thanks for pinch hitting!

My folks were visiting this week and I really enjoyed spending quality time with them.

I have also learned a lot about God through parenting. His deep love, His continual patience, and His Joy when I come to him!

Loved your post! Looking forward to Part 2!

Barb Miller said...

Fawnda - I happened upon your post through the internet and paused because it struck a cord with me. I am both adopted (later though at age 8) and a mother. On both levels my heart leapt to see you words recognizing both God's love and your child's love. It is so true the way God works in our lives through love and connection with other people.

Last year I had a tremendously moving spiritual experience with God that was all about love and creating a world worth living in by our choices. Much like your choice to adopt, you have changed the life of your child. I captured the experience in a book called MIGHTY INSPIRATION: Love Letters from God. I believe God speaks to us all - check out what he said to me. Hopefully as a fellow believer it will encourage and comfort you as it did me. Here's the link: http://www.eloquentbooks.com/MightyInspirationLoveLettersFromGod.html

Easter blessings to you!
Barbara Miller

hgrenier said...

Great post! I've always dreamt of adopting a little girl from China or Korea... Maybe someday God will open that door for our family???

Usually when I'm right in the middle of getting onto my oldest, it hits me that God must feel the same way with me sometimes when I'm choosing not to listen or whatever the case maybe... I can't think of a specific example, but it's always when my oldest is in trouble...