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Saturday, April 4, 2009

WE are the Easter Bunny!

As our family's surreptitious Easter Bunny (a.k.a. the basket filler), I feel it is my duty to set the bar low. If we start loading up their baskets with sugary junk and toys when they're preschoolers, just think what they will expect when they are teenie-boppers!
The same theory applies to Christmas stockings and presents under the tree, by the way.

But my favorite thing about these special holidays is the set of traditions each one brings. For Easter, dyeing and decorating eggs, doing some special crafts, reading the Easter Story and making our resurrection crosses, choosing a new outfit to wear (we were not going to do new outfits for Easter, but Grammy went shopping and surprised us!), and attending our church's Lil' Kidz Easter celebration are all a part of our own observance of Easter.

Easter 2007 Sunrise Service @ Bok Tower

Then there's Easter morning: creaking out of bed before the crack of dawn to dress, make coffee, get the kids up and dressed, drink coffee, grab a couple of big towels, coffee to go, and the camera, then head up to Bok Tower's Easter Sunrise service (it's FREE, by the way). We don't always wear our Easter Best for this event, since it's often quite chilly and damp up there. One year on Easter morning when I was a kid, my mom got us four kids all dressed in our best and up to Bok Tower before sunrise (I don't know how she did everything by herself for so many years), and the trees dripped black stuff all over our nice clothes and ruined them! We have laughed about that every year since!

I need a recipe for hot cross buns. I think I'd like to try adding them to our Easter morning celebration.

I'm headed to Wal-Mart today to find a few basket stuffers. I noticed they have pastel monochromatic Easter treats like all-pink M&M's, pink-frosted cookies, and pink Whopper eggs. They also had pastel blue, yellow and orange. I thought I'd do an all-pink basket and an all-yellow basket...so there will be no disagreements over whose treats are whose.

We've already ordered this year's new Easter book, The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown. Hopefully it will arrive in time for Easter!

What are your Easter plans?


Teresa said...

We have an anual easter egg hunt at my grandmother's house. Every year, the ENTIRE family comes and the grandparents sit around and watch the little ones hunt for treasures!

P.S. The book should arrive Wed at the latest! :)

Bryssy said...

Donna you are always full of some great craftiness! I love your ideas!

hgrenier said...

I love your suggestion of leaving the bar low!!! Thanks for giving me permission! ;D

Maria said...

Hi! Each year we go to Grandma's house and hunt Easter eggs with the family. The Easter Bunny hides them on a little island in the Indian River Intercoastal in Sebastian. We go find eggs and then spend the day on the island eating yummy food. Watching all the kids play with their cousins is the best!

Happy Easter!

Karly said...

Is that the little outfit that I gave to Kid #2? She is so cute and chubby. She reminds me of our little pumpkin.

I totally agree about setting the bar low! Ha!

Bok Tower on Easter morning is so special! Enjoy!

Thanks for all the great ideas!!

Donna said...

The egg hunting sounds fun! Big Lots has some giant plastic eggs with cute printed pics on the top. I got one for each kid for our egg hunt and a bag of beautiful seashells to put inside each one.

Yes, Karly! That little outfit was my absolute FAVORITE!!! It was pretty chilly that Easter, so her special dress worked great! (She also wore it to my mom's wedding!) She looked like such a cupcake!

Enjoy your families this Holy Week!