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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lessons I have learned about God, Part 2

Happy Resurrection Day! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

On this first Easter as a mom I am going to reflect on God’s perfect plan for our lives. Just like God’s good and perfect plan to save us humans from our sin, by sending His son to die for us, and to conquer sin and death by rising on the 3rd day, God has a good and perfect plan for each one of us!

God also had a plan for 3 people becoming a family. We went through some infertility treatments, but they left use feeling depressed and with little hope. We prayed together every night that God would allow us to grow our family. We decided to look into adoption and found that the more we stepped down that path, the better we felt and we also felt like we had hope! The process was hard, but we don’t feel bitter about going through it. It made us take a look at ourselves and think about what kind of parents we wanted to be. It brought us together as a couple and made us put our trust in God. We had to daily trust that God would match us with a child and trust in God’s timing of it all. Looking back there are some pretty awesome signs of God’s plan. Here are some examples of how perfect God’s timing and plans are:

God’s timing:

It is no secrete that adoption is NOT cheap. Every time we needed to pay a bill for the next step, God provided the amount that we needed. Often times at the last minute, as if to say “See, I told you I’d come through!”

We received our referral the week my whole family was together. One of my brothers lives in Czech Republic and only comes to visit once a year. My sister, Karly, as many of you know, lives out of state and cannot come to visit as often either. Needless to say, it is rare that we are all together. But the week that Karly and my brother were in town we were able to announce that we were matched with a child and show off pictures. It was really great to be able to surprise every one with news at a family dinner.

God’s plans for us:

I know that God matches children with the parents that they need either through adoption or biologically. Your child was chosen for you by God. He knows what your child needs and knows what you can provide for them. That being said, I still find it amazing what a perfect fit our little king has been for us. God chose us to be his parents! My son hates to sleep alone - I hate to sleep alone. My son has the same sense of humor as my husband (they crack each other up all the time!). My son is pretty stubborn, so it is a good thing that my husband and I are MORE stubborn! There are several others similarities that prove each day that we were meant to be together!

I wish you a blessed Easter. My hope for you is that you are able to rejoice in the plans that God has set forth for you!


Donna said...

Wow! That really sends chills down my spine to think how God's plan comes together when we trust in Him!

Thanks for the awe-inspiring post on this most awesome of days!

Enjoy your little King!

Rachelle said...

Wow This was truly a blessing to read. It is amazing how the Lord works on our behalf. Your post also encouraged me as a Mom even though I have been one for 19 years.
Thank You!

fawnda said...

I am glad that you are encouraged! I have found that God's plan is not always easy but it is always good!

Happy Easter!


Lindsay said...

Thank you for sharing your story. It's always great to hear how God wotks in his perfect time. A reminder that we all need from time to time.

Karly said...


It is wonderful to see how all things have worked together in God's perfect timing. I was so excited to be able to get the news about your referral in person-complete with lots of hugs and tears! And all the funny little things that your little king has in common with you and your "Big King" is really amazing. And I love that we have kids so close in age! Thinking about it all is pretty cool!

Enjoy your first Easter with your little King!