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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Sorry for the extremely late post, but it's been an extremely long and tiring day! I had the pleasure of spending my day with lots of children, ages preschool through elementary age, talking about the things we celebrate and that make us joyful.

Then we wrote some of these things on palm leaves (strips of green paper) and glued them to our palm branches (wide craft sticks), symbolic of the palm branches people waved in honor and celebration of Jesus on his way into the city. Some of the children's celebrations were:

  • Jesus
  • birthdays
  • Easter
  • my mommy
  • my daddy
  • my family
  • friends
  • Christmas
  • communion (cumyoonyun, I believe, was the orig. spelling)
  • good behavior
  • God
  • The Holy Spirit

There it is, simple as can be. All from the mouths of babes!

Happy Easter!


Liz said...

You forgot Easter eggs, Dora, and Thomas the Train - Ethan's. :) Thanks for helping out. We had a great time!

Donna said...

Yes, I also forgot Spongebob! And some amazing scribble art from the preschoolers who didn't need help writing things down on their palm leaves!

Laney really knows how to put together a great children's celebration! She also finds talented volunteers who love creating those detailed stations. So cool! ;-D

Rachel said...

That was an AMAZING Easter activity for the kids--you guys did an awesome job! I believe one of our son's leaves said, "vacation," but I think Daddy helped him with his...;)

Lindsay said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun time at the egg hunt. We went to our church and also had a great time.

hgrenier said...

it was a great set up! i loved each section, and loved watching my 2yr old's reaction to what was going on around him! Thanks! I bet you were whooped!