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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break

It's Spring Break!

Wait. It's Spring Break.

It just doesn't have the same ring to it these days as it used to, you know?

A whole week of no school to rush off to in the morning is so nice. Leisurely mornings. Play park afternoons. This is fun, but just a different kind of fun.

Back in my youth, I remember Spring Break as a fun time of relief from school and a trip of some sort with the family and later on friends. It was always met with great anticipation.

These days, I'M the initiator. I'm the cleaner-upper. I'm the job-getter-doner. The freedom is nice, but just different.

Spring Break used to mean in college that my friends and I would maybe go the The Keys and spend a few days traveling and seeing fun stuff. Sunbathing and going out at night were the things we did.

Now, it's staying OUT of the sun (or at least slather on the sunscreen) and staying IN at night with hubby is what usually happens around this time. Although, last night hubby and I had a fun date night eating at Chilis and seeing "Taken" at the movie theatre. It's a well done and very disturbing movie.

So anyway. There's my ramble for this week. Happy Spring Break!


Karly said...

I totally agree! Spring Break is nice, but it is not all what it used to be. It's really not at all about me and what I want. If it were about me, I would be on an exotic beach ALONE tanning and reading a magazine or book. No, now it is about staying in our pajamas until noon and going on trips to the zoo. It is fun, but not what it used to be!

Jason and Fawnda said...

I can remember when spring break meant going to visit my sister in Florida... where are those days now???!!!


Maria said...

Tanning on some exotic beach reading some insipid novel or mag sounds great.

Well, instead I think I'll just get dinner started and watch some old videos with the kiddies.

I can hear them giggling in the living room right now.

We're watching the end of the year program from school. Cute!