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Sunday, April 26, 2009

sleeping sweetly

There is nothing sweeter to look at than a sleeping baby. It is so great for so many reasons. The look of peace on their face, and the moment of peace that you get as a mom.

Some nights as I gaze down on my sleeping little king I can see his baby face. The one that we got a picture of with his referral. We think the picture was taken when he was 2 or 3 months old (there is no date on it). Other nights he looks like such a big boy laying there in my arms and I can start to see glimpses of what he might look like when he is older.

When I get these glimpses of the past and the future I pray for my baby boy. Thanking God for my baby's past that brought him to me and praying to his future.

These are such special times for me, a mom and her son, bonding together! What are some of your favorite times with your kids?


Auntie Bee said...

definitely the sleeping baby thing is fantastic. I agree with that completely. Lately Annika has taken to calling out at random throughout the day, "Mommy...I LOVE you!"
That's pretty awesome. And Eric used to take my face in his hands and look at me with a big smile. Precious. It goes by so fast.

Karly said...

My kids love to sing and dance to music. It is so cute and fun. I especially love when they are really excited about singing and dancing at church to the worship songs. So precious! And when we sing "Grace" at dinner each night-even the baby sings along and does the actions. Very sweet.

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a sleeping child! Hope your baby boy slept well for you on your birthday!

jeannine said...

Mmmm... I totally relate. I love to go peek at my sleeping babies right before I go to bed, after they've been sleeping for a couple hours. it's precious.

Maria said...

I like a hearty tickle laugh right before they get mad at you for tickling them!

Donna said...

I love it when something strikes our "funny bones" at the same moment and we all laugh together! That's the best! I usually end with tears in my eyes because as I laugh, I realize how good it is to laugh with my children.