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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are You Ready Yet?

"Okay kiddos, we have ten minutes and then we will need to head out the door."

This is an all too common line that I hear coming out of my mouth. I start my countdown to try and ensure we will all arive at our destinatino on time. Weather we are headed to the playground, church, or a restaurant, my goal is to arrive promptly on time.

Well, we were all doing well with heading out the door last night, until....
  • Has my daughter gone to the bathroom? Check
  • Does my son have a new diaper on? Check
  • Everyone has their shoes on? Check
  • Diaper bag is packed? Check

Okay, everything seems in order, now all I need are my keys and we'll head out the door.

Keys? Where had I last seen the keys?

Oh, that's right. I handed them to my 18 month old to entertain him while I put on some lip gloss. Oh goodness, that was in the bathroom, but the keys aren't there. I'm sure he probably put them in a toy basket.

Okay, I just checked every toy basket in the house, and the keys are nowhere to be found. Alright, keep my cool. Let me call my husband. He is the best in situations like these.

Yes, I've checked behind the rocking chair. No, they are not in the toy car. Under the bed? Yep, I've looked there. Yes, I also looked in the curtains. They aren't there.

20 minutes later I found the keys. Where were they? Under a pile of clothes that I had on a chair in my bedroom. Yep, my 18 month old threw them off of the chair and somehow managed to sneak the keys under this pile. Why hadn't I looked there in the first place?


Donna said...

I'm feelin' your pain, sister!

Ahhh, the best laid plans...

Karly said...

I can totally relate!! You will appreciate my blog tomorrow! Between the kids and myself (putting them down and not remembering where), I am always looking for my keys.

Teresa said...

It is not fun! I was so frustrated, frantically looking everywhere for my keys!