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Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Boyz Allowed!

We've started a little tradition here in our community that brings women of all seasons of life together for an evening of fun. We call it "Girls' Nite Out." Our church provides the meeting space and advertises our events in the bulletins and mailings, but it's open to any woman who wants to meet up with friends or make new ones.

Once a month, we gather with our brownies, cakes, snacks and friends to learn something new or just have a little fun. No kids, no boys--just grown-up girls! It's a beautiful time of mentoring and fellowship.

Sometimes we have as many as 25, other times as few as 4, but no matter how many of us show up, we're bound to enjoy this time of girl-talk and fun activities.
Some of our favorite activities so far have been:
  • Breadmaking
  • Chick-Flick Movie Nite
  • The Grocery Gurus: Getting the Best Deals at the Grocery Store
  • Craft Nite: Textile Art

We were honored to have a local textile artist this month to lead our project, and she went above and beyond our expectations! She arrived with mounds and mounds of designer fabric samples, some of which were quite large!

"Take what you want!" she instructed us, after demonstrating the project of the evening: flag garlands. To see some inspirational examples, go here.

Sewing machines at the ready, several ladies created totally cute garlands. I wish I had taken photos of them all! Others of us just loved sifting through the piles of fabric and exclaiming over the "nuggets" we found for later projects.

Kay, we had a blast! To those who took home fabric for other projects, we'd love to see what you create with it!

Next month, we'll be making freezer cookie dough (probably several different kinds) before the holiday season really hits. See you ladies in the kitchen!

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Bryssy said...

I was so sorry to have missed this, Donna! I had a conference call at 3pm with the FL DOE and then a meeting in Winter Haven from 5pm until 6:30 pm. I was too worn out when I got back to town at 7 to come. Whhhhaaaaa!!!

I LOVE girlz nites!!!