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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's in a Name? With a contest at the end!

Names are a big topic in our house. My own name is a bit strange and I am always being asked about it. My parents had very common names and didn't want there to be 8 other Bryssy's in my class at school. My dad was a preacher's kid (yes, one of those) and didn't want any names from the bible. Finally, they wanted to use letters from my great grandfathers name. So, they made up my name.

My younger sister, has a strange name, too. They found it in a baby name book and changed the spelling to reflect how they wanted it pronounced. I was always mad she had more A's in her name than I did. Weird, I know.

Being a teacher, I wanted an uncommon name for my first child, but old fashioned sounding. I vacillated but finally decided on it after my water broke and I was on the way to the hospital. She shares her middle name with my mom, her Grammy.

Many people have asked me if my son's name is a combination of my name and my husband's. Actually, it's not (although it sounds like it could be), it was my great grandfather's name. His middle name is my husband's grandfather's name.

My family has always been big on naming things. Our farm was Stepping Stones Farm. We registered all our horses with SSF in front of their names so it was easy to recognize us as the breeders. The only doll I ever played with, I lovingly named Sarah Kaduce (and you had to say the whole thing). I called my first car Hollister.

Strange but interesting animal names abounded on our farm. My first pony was Skipper. Our stallion was Fearnot. Two mares I remember with great fondness were Amarata and Ferria (Arabian names). One filly was Bryama (after my sister and I). After a first attempt in trimming the hooves of a little colt ended in hog tying and sitting on him, he got the name Thrasher.

An especially regal rooster was Chant-a-clear. A pet Guinea pig, Howard Henry. A shar pei puppy, the Emerald Empress (called Emmy). A big slobbery basset hound, Ruby Begonia. I had a fantastic golden retriever named Chester Theworldsgreatestdog, I am not even kidding.

To this day, my mom and I like to play a rummy card game sometimes. The winner of the best 3 of 5, has to call the other one "Princess Queen Empress Czarina Power Woman of the Universe Ruler of the Wind and Tides" for the entire day. Yes, we are bizarre. But, it's hilarious, especially when you see people reacting to the fact that you just called someone that with a straight face.

Most recently, we have been trying to name the airplane that my husband is building. It's a small 2-seater Pietenpol that goes low and slow. He likes the name the Clover Clipper. I think it should be more specific to us or Lake Wales. There is already a Piet named Icarus' Plummet which is the kind of name that I like.

So, what should it be? Respond to this post and let me know. The winner will get this green tote, personalized with your own name or slogan of your choice!

Let the naming begin, unlimited entries....I'll announce the winner next Tuesday!!


Donna said...

Wingin' a Prayer

Danielle said...

How about Wales Snail (Lake WALES and it flies LOW and SLOW).

ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com

Kamie said...

sky crawler

kamieshui21 at yahoo dot com

btw, ever come to EAA in Oshkosh?

Rita T. said...

How about Sky Dreamer?
Fun blog.

amber_gwynne said...

The winged whale

Bryssy said...

These are great! I am so excited already.

Kamie, we were at EAA in Oshkosh last year (07) and the Annual Pietenpol fly-in in Broadhead, WI the weekend before that. We are lucky to have family in Madison and try to organize a visit around then. Also, Sun N Fun is only about 30 minutes away, so we go to that, too!

Margaret said...

So I'm drawing a total blank on airplane names :(
but I'd still love to win! I do really like the Icarus reference though, from all my years studying latin!

Mrs. J said...

how about Turtle Wales

Brandy said...

What about "The Lake Grazer". The bag is so cute. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

How about Lopneteip? Pietenpol backwards!


Pheobie said...

Wale's Trails

(I loved the definition dictionary.com gave for trail ~ sounded perfect for your airplane)

Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing!


alanajo said...

Wales' Flying Blue Whale?

Like on the cartoon FlapJack.


justusseven said...

JEFFERSON. Remember the band from the 60's - Jefferson Airplane?


Ticia said...

Blue Bell the sky cow.
Well that's what I would name it!
I had a boy cat named Molly
a cat named black and white cat named chicken I currently own cats named
FrankenKitty and Princess Tigerlilly
I call the Frank and Lilly

Strangely yours, Leticia

jskell911 said...

How about SSF Clipper? Keeping with the farm's theme. BTW my own DS has a common name w/ an uncommon spelling - Jaycen (same as Jason). So, I could totally follow your logic LOL

Bryssy said...

Wow! I am so impressed! You guys have way better names than I had thought of! This is going to be a long week! Thanks for the great responses, glad to know I'm not the only "different" one out there!

Bryssy :-)

Sandi said...

Wow! I've been keeping up with your blog for a short while now and never realized you were located in central FL. I grew up in Dundee and spent a lot of time in Lake Wales. (I moved to TN when I got married, but FL is still home!)

My first suggestion would be "The Highlander". Not real original, I know... I'm going to keep thinking. =)

Karly said...

How about "A Flight in the Attic"? Wasn't your husband building this plane in the upstairs room of your home? Or "The Upper Room" with a double meaning?

Best of Luck to Everyone!

Tammy said...

I am thinking something definatly with SSF in front of it...how about the SSF CLIPPER or SSF CLOVER FLYER
sorry they arent too original!

LeAnna C said...

I like Tammy's suggestion with having SSF in front, what about:
Piet's Dragon
clkiwis72305 at yahoo dot com

LeAnna C said...

The SSF Slow Streaker
The SSF Take Luck

clkiwis72305 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I like LeAnna's suggestion, but with one modification...

LeAnna C said...
Piet's Dragon

Change the Dragon to Draggin' (Because it goes low and slow. Dargging on the ground, dragging in speed. Yeah, and of course, drag being a part of the whole flight thing.)

karmah (at) comcast (dot) net

Beeb said...

Thank you for offering this giveaway! I think the others have me beat with airplane names, but I would suggest some terrible pun, like "Plane to See" or "Plane Sailing". I enjoyed reading your post, as I have an odd name as well!

Courtney said...

Jonah and the Wale?

homemakerhero at gmail dot com

YourCouponBuddy said...

Well let's see...."Daddy's Escape"

Mrs. Bargain Hunting Wife said...

Sky Smurf

bargainhuntingwife at gmail dot com

YourCouponBuddy said...

"Snail Male"

Donna said...

Piet's Draggin' gets my vote...that's a good one!

K. Dragger said...

"Sweet Chariot"