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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Old Friends of Mine

I'm kinda piggy-backing off of Donna's blog about friends from this week. She got me thinking about the whole friends thing especially after my Labor Day weekend.

This Labor Day weekend, we invited friends from our college days over to hang out and have some fun. We were non-stop! We went bowling, rode the coasters at Cypress Gardens, and went water skiing at the lake. It was a real blast.

It made us all realize how much we missed each other all these years. We were all so close in our 20's. Later on, we moved away and life just got busy. It was all about work and getting "established". Old Friends had their busy lives, too. Next came our children. Suffice to say, these past few years have been a happy blur. We tried to maintain our friendships, but we were just so tired and really just hanging on day-by-day.

Now, almost 20 years later (I can't believe I can say that), we are starting our old friendships all over again. We are making new memories while talking and laughing about our old ones! It is a special treasure to be able to do that. Even though we are all at different places in our lives, our base friendship has made it possible to just pick up where we all left off. No hard feelings.

I consider us so very blessed to be able to count our many friends both new and old ones. Our new ones know us as the adults we are now. Our old ones know us as those silly kids that loved all things fun - as we still do!

If while you were reading this an old friend popped into your mind, I want to encourage you to consider contacting that friend. Face Book has made it so easy to try to find friends. I found an old friend a few months ago that I've since called. It was great talking to her and I hope to find some more!

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Donna said...

I just started my FaceBook...and it is pretty cool the way your friends' friends end up being someone you knew "way back when."

It's also fun to learn something new about someone you've known for years, just from the tidbits they share on their profiles that have never come up in conversation.