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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's In A Name? We Have A Winner!!

There has been much debating at our house this week. Some screaming. A little crying. Lots of teeth gnashing and lip biting. All this over the name of an airplane. Hard to believe. Just take a look at the names you offered:

1. Wingin' a Prayer
2. Wales Snail
3. Sky Crawler
4. Sky Dreamer
5. Winged Whale
6. Turtle Wales
7. The Lake Grazer
8. Lopneteip
9. Wale's Trails
10. Wales' Flying Blue Whale
11. Jefferson
12. Blue Bell the Sky Cow
13. SSF Clipper
14. The Highlander
15. A Flight in the Attic
16. The Upper Room
17. SSF Clipper
18. SSF Clover Flyer
19. Piet's Dragon
20. The SSF Slow Streaker
21. The SSF Take Luck
22. Piet's Draggin'
23. Plane to See
24. Plane Sailing
25. Jonah and the Wale
26. Daddy's Escape
27. Sky Smurf
28. Snail Male
29. Sweet Chariot

I banned my hubby from the blog so that he would not be influenced by who submitted what names. I then I gave him this exact list on Saturday night. Have I ever mentioned that the man is seriously indecisive? I am not even kidding. How hard can picking a name from the list be? Well, he takes his airplane very seriously.

He called his dad for his opinion. Then he called his brothers for theirs. He asked mine (and I had a pretty strong opinion). Then he refused to talk to me about it. So, there we were at a standstill on Sunday evening. I was annoyed, I came up with the contest didn't I? You would think he has the decency to let me in on what he was thinking. He didn't.

Finally, Monday evening at 7 pm he finally let me know his choice. Before he told me, he made me guess which one he picked. I was wrong. I don't even know why I would presume to pick the name of his plane. I am not of all things aeronautical, as he likes to remind me.

Karly gave us "A Flight in the Attic" and that was RM's pick!! I personally like the reference to the book. As my students say, "Miss, that's old school." Word.

Karly, your prize follows. Please email me and let me know what your would like your personalization to be and where. The reverse of the bag is blank and I can put it there or on the stenciled side! If you have a favorite font (yes, I am weird enough to have favorite fonts) let me know!

Congrats again Karly and thanks everyone for playing! This was fun!!


Donna said...

I want to know what you thought RM would pick and which was your favorite! Tell! Tell! Tell! Tell! (That sounds like a chant in my head.)

Teresa said...

Congrats Karly! This bag is too cute!

Bryssy said...

When he wouldn't pick and wouldn't tell me, I was just going to give away 2 bags. I liked Piet's Draggin' (mostly because his plane has a tailwheel and they are known as taildraggers). I also liked Daddy's Escape. I even had the post written and ready for those two, because I was so sure it would be one of those.

He insisted on the winner being his pick. I agreed, although I was extremely impatient. It's like he never heard of a deadline!!

BTW, he wanted to know if he knew anyone that had offered names but I wouldn't tell him. I didn't want him to be influenced by that. That's probably silly, I know.

Jason & Fawnda said...

Congrats Karly! Lucky duck!


Karly said...

I can't believe I won!! I just checked the blog, and I am in shock! I am so excited about winning that bag!! I can't believe I just named an airplane!! How cool! Thanks Bryssy and RM!!