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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Flat Tire

Last week I had a flat tire. It went right along with the wonderful [read:sarcasm] week I was having. When it rains it pours, I guess.

We had a teacher work day last Wednesday and thankfully didn't have to be at school until 7:30 am. We were suppoesed to get an extra full hour of sleep. That in itself seems like a good thing. Frankly, it just threw me off. Our little King of the Jungle was up at his usual 5:30 am. But, I digress.

We got dressed. I was happy not to wear my usual business casual. I wore jeans and a t-shirt. Excellent, indeed. It was light out as I was loading the car with all of our usual accessories. The diaper bag, my purse, THE Princess's lunch bag, her backpack, paperwork I had been working on, and my sling for KOTJ. THE Princess was running and dancing around the car. She hopped around and around. She had a plastic screwdriver and was sure to tell me it was a Phillips. She was "fixing" my car. She had a bit too much energy for my taste, but she's 3. I went back in to get more coffee.

We loaded up in car seats and went to pick up Grammy. We got to school and unloaded everybody and everything. Things seemed good. I got to my first meeting of the day and a teacher who's room we parked close to came to tell me I had a flat in my right front tire. Super.

I thanked him and called AAA. A really nice man came and changed my tire in the rain. (Thank you to whoever invented AAA!) A couple of men on campus came to supervise [read:make fun of me]. I could take it. I asked them to be useful and look at my flat. Did it have a nail or screw in it? Nothing they could see.

We went on our merry way home. We went to Musikgarten. We went to church supper. My hubby, RM, was super awesome and went home early to look at my tire. He dunked it in soapy water to try and find the puncture. Nothing. Then he looked at the stem. The cap was loosened (a lot) and air was bubbling out. THE Princess promptly announced that she fixed my tire this morning by undoing the valve stem cover!

Yes, my 3 year old gave me a flat tire. Seriously. I am not even kidding.


Rachel said...

I'm trying really hard to stifle my giggles right now because that could so happen to me one day!

Great post!

Teresa said...

I think we all could see ourselves in the exact same situation! Too funny!

Bryssy said...

My "helper" is just so awesome!