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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cake Wrecks....Motley Moms Style

Okay, so I don't really think these cakes are cake wrecks. I actually think they are pretty awesome, considering that middle and high school kids made them. I really love seeing stuff like this in real life, it inspires me to be more creative.
Last Friday, I took a 44 of my high school students to the Youth Fair to participate in Working Booths. While they were working away, I walked around and looked at the entries. The following cakes were made my middle and high school students. There were some pretty cute ones...take a look!
This was one of my very favorites, the Ferris Wheel Cake! You could even make the kids on the ferris wheel look like the ones you are serving.

A sunflower cake made with twinkies. Cute!

Probably not the colors I would choose but wow, working with fondant is hard!

This one won a tri-color (judge's choice) and how cute. Again, the fondant is pretty impressive.

Any ideas on what the theme is? Polka Dots? Targets? Circles? Modern Art?

How cute is this Pond cake? How did they ever think of this? It would be great for someone who loves fishing. You have to look closely, these are little moose. I like their hooves! And it was made by a boy and won a tri-color!

This one is just plain hilarious. The Mudding Cake. I think if you live around here you know (or know of) and adult who would like this cake. And, what dirt loving kid wouldn't love it? Heck, I love it. (For the record, I don't mud, either.)

And that just covers a few of the cakes that were entered. They have tons of categories for sewing, canning, crafts, and animals. I could have spent an hour in the rabbit barn, some of those were just too adorable!


Liz said...

I might have an actual cake wreck on my hands this week, as I am attempting to create a special Thomas cake for my son's birthday. These cakes are awesome! I love it when teenagers are highlighted for doing wonderful things.

Pam said...

Awesome cakes! If only we could taste them...

Rachel said...

These are incredible! I love the mooses (meese? what is the plural of moose, anyway?) The ferris wheel cake is great, too. Actually, they are all really neat in their own unique ways. Great pics!

Liz said...

The plural of moose is moose. I know, stupid language, right?

Rachel said...

I get it, like "deer" and "deer." Interesting. I may say "meese," though, just to confuse people. Thanks, Liz!

Karly said...

I love all the creativity here! So fun!

Hey, on that "pond" cake, what were the cat tails and tall grass made out of?

Bryssy said...

I think the cat tails are softened milk duds and the tall grass is softened starburst. That's my guess anyway!

Donna said...

The cat tails look like tootsie rolls to me. That was such a cute cake! I love creative cakes!