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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh crap. Seriously.

No, this picture has nothing to do with my post. I was just proud that during the King of the Jungle's bat-ma-tism (as THE Princess says) he did not scream bloody murder. This was just seconds after he made "the face" and I thought it would all go downhill from there. Luckily, it did not. Pheww....

So, now, the oh crap part of my post. (Doesn't it seem like many of my posts are the "oh crap" sorts?) Such is my life, I suppose.

So, in my little world, February has turned into quite the eventful month. I had planned on not doing a lot. But, more quickly than I imagined, it has become busy. The one thing I had planned on was this coming weekend. This weekend, my grandparents, turn 88 and 90. My PopPop has his birthday on Friday and my Mimi (or GG for Great Grandma - now) has her birthday on the 17th. Valentines is sandwiched right there in the middle. And, my own anniversary is also on GG's birthday.

How slick is it that I get to squeeze 2 holiday's and a couple of birthday's together? Mostly, because for valentines and our anniversary, I must get gifts for my darling husband. That sounds like something I don't want to do and really, I do want to get him gifts. Really.

The thing is that I never know what to get my husband. He likes airplane stuff. Not, airplane themed items like clocks and signs. No he likes actual airplane items. Like, for use or installation on an actual airplane. Altimeters, gyroscopes, wires and other technical items. The last item he requested was a digital scale for weighing out the components of his aviation glue. (I swear this is not made up.)

In fact, after using the camera this weekend this is a small sampling of the pictures I found.

There were like 150 various shots of this sort. Engine components and parts along with an engine mount (I had to ask to find out). Not a living soul (not even the dog) in the bunch.

It's not exactly romantic. And neither are socks and underwear, which is my default gift for his stocking at Christmas.

But, my husband has made it easy on me, finally! He now buys his own gift. Seriously. A new airplane something or other. He even let me see a picture of it. It pretty much looks like one of the pictures above. And it has a fantastically technical name that I can't remember. I just call it a "thingy" or "whatyamacallit."

That makes my life so much easier. That leaves me trying to figure out a unique Valentine my children can give to their friends. That is something I can do.
THE Princess gets tired of making valentines after about the second one, which last year, left me with about 30 more to make.
The package arrived this weekend. I ordered personalized Fruit Roll Ups with my kids pictures on them and the message, "you are so tweet" with a little birdy graphic. I was trying to stay away from candy (not that a fruit roll up is much better) and have something fairly personal.

They actually look better in person...who knew that taking a picture of a fruit roll up would be so difficult. (The shininess of the fruit roll-up does not help my sad photography skills at all.)

Okay, so even if you don't order any, get on over to My Fruit Roll-Ups and design your own. It's pretty fun!
So, I am a bad, bad wife. No gift for my hubby on Valentines/Anniversary. Well, not a gift actually picked out and paid for by me. Or, maybe it's his way of giving me a gift. Sort of. I think. Heck, I don't know. I am just glad I don't have to pick out a gyro-aileron-triple beam balance for him. Seriously.


Tara said...

This is so funny! I loved reading it. Your hubbie sounds like he's a lot of fun and quirky. Those fruit roll-ups are so neat! I've never seen anything like those.

And that is such a cute picture of (your son, I'm assuming)! He's adorable!

Liz said...

I'm sure you're not a bad wife. He's getting what he wants! And, like you said, you don't have to try to pick out things that you don't understand.
I'm glad KOTJ behaved during his baptism :).

Bryssy said...

Thanks, girls. Actually, having my husband buy his own airplane stuff has made my life much less stressful! I actually think, "oh crap!" a little less since he has started.

My husband is fun and quirky, infact he has taken to prank calling me. After I get over the initial shock it's normally pretty funny!

Karly said...

I am loving the random-ness of this post!! A baptism, airplane parts, and personalized fruit roll ups. All under the title of OH CRAP! Bryssy, you are too funny!

I love it!