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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Wedding Night

No, I'm not continuing Karly's discussion from last Friday. I just thought I'd tell you a funny story. 
We had big plans to leave our wedding reception early, but you know how that goes. At 8:30 my friend Cathy, who coordinated the whole shindig, came over and said, "Y'all need to leave!" So we flew out of there amidst bubbles and hugs, went home for a quick shower, and drove to the Grand Floridian at Disney to begin our new life together. We got to the hotel about 10, checked in, and headed up to our room...which was being cleaned. Back down to the front desk, we were given another room, went up to that one, and...someone was working on the electrical panel next to the room. "Oh! You don't want this room," he said. "The air conditioning isn't working." It was the 24th of May in Florida. We needed A/C. Fortunately, nearly everyone who works at Disney is extremely helpful, so the maintenance man called down to the front desk for us. He then took us to our new room and let us in, since he had a master key. The good thing about this mess was that we got bumped up to the concierge level (I'm not sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure it's good) and had a room with a balcony where we could watch  the fireworks at Magic Kingdom each night. The bad thing about this mess was that we had to wait a while for the bellhop to bring our luggage up. Like 30 minutes. And we didn't know when he was coming, so basically we sat on the bed and stared at each other. 
It was a little awkward.
Until the bellhop left.


Karly said...

Very Funny!

Something about it reminds me of the time when Maria and her husband switched hotel rooms three times because of this annoying buzzing sound, which they believed to be caused by an electrical problem at the hotel, or construction, or something.

After settling into the third room, she realized it was her electic toothbrush making the sound from inside her own luggage.

I'm pretty sure they never informed the hotel desk of where the "mystery sound" was coming from.

Liz, as for your story...that must have been a mighty long 30 minutes!!

Liz said...

LOL - I will definitely have to ask Maria about that one! That is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

The record needs to be set straight. We did not spend the time waiting on the bellhop in any awkward silence.

Liz's husband... Todd