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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vintage Valentines, Dating Again, and Some Fun Valentine Ideas

At MOPS this week, we enjoyed hearing from a panel of experienced wives and mothers who shared their wisdom with us, along with some ideas to keep your marriage warm and toasty while raising very needy preschoolers.

One of the major things that everyone felt is important is to take vacations, with and without the children. Well, in this economy, going off for weekend excursions with my hubby for some much needed rest and relaxation just ain't gonna happen for us. But now, with the help of a friend, we have found a way to take "mini vacations." Before we got married, we just called them "dates." Now, as soon as we walk out the back door and get in the car, we feel like we've escaped on a mini vacation!

My friend and I are doing a babysitting exchange. Last night, Paul and I ate dinner with the kids, bathed them and got our youngest into bed. Then I rushed to get some fresh clothes on, spruce myself up a bit and grab my purse, while my friend settled in for storytime on the couch with our five-year-old. Hugs and kisses, exhortations to "be good for Miss Teresa and get right in bed after stories," and we were out the door. Free!

Dating my husband takes a lot more effort than it did before we had kids (I will be babysitting my friend's children one night next week in exchange for our lovely night out), but it's totally worth it! I'm happy to report that we did not talk about the kids at all while on our date!

Some cute Valentine Ideas, some from makeandtakes.com:

We'll be making heart pancakes for breakfast and Valentine decorations for the table (I have a pink tablecloth and white lace overlay that looks romantic and sweet with handmade Valentines scattered across it!).

For lunch, I'll make a heart-shaped pizza for my family with a message on the table that reads, "You've Stolen a Pizza My Heart!"

For dinner, I'm getting Chinese take-out. I could make a big special meal, but my gift to my family is my presence in our celebration. I want to be able to enjoy it, too!

Do you have any sweet Valentine traditions or ideas for your family?

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Bryssy said...

Our school chorus sells Singing Valentines for $2 and I send them to everybody. You get your choice of a song (You Are Ay Valentine, sung to the tune of You Are My Sunshine, O You Beautiful Doll, Once in Love, and one other one I can't remember) sung acapella in 4 part harmony, a flower, a card, and bag of candy. They will even call anyone you want and leave a sining valentine on voicemail or in person.

I totally love the serenade! It is so fun to get and give. Both my kids get them in their classrooms, my hubby on his phone and my mom all got them this year. It's a sweet tradition and it supports the fine arts program at our school!