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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beach Fun

Fun at the Beach with Friends (East Coast)

We recently spent a couple of days at the beach with friends and stayed in a beach house just down the block from this secluded public beach (the house belongs to a friend of a friend, so it was FREE FUN!). We had such a great time! I wish we could go back, but we're leaving soon for a very different kind of beach. We'll miss our LW friends!

Here are some pics of our beach adventure:

First View of the Ocean

Seashell Treasures

Spiky Seed Pods...Open Wide!
On the Path Through the Mangroves

Blazing a Trail into the Sunset


Liz said...

Great pics, especially the one of Kid 1 walking down the trail. :)

Liz said...

P.S. His shoes are at my house - I will send them to Paul through Todd unless you need them before Monday!

Donna said...

We didn't figure out that his shoes were even missing until we got home! I always wondered how you can forget your shoes. Leave it to my kids to teach me this simple lesson.

No rush sending them...he can wait. Thanks!