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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Power of the Praying Mama

Prayer has aways been one of my favorite things to learn about in the Christian faith. It is so cool how we have a direct line to God all the time. There are so many different ways to pray and reasons to pray. Prayer is always something that I cling to when the goin' gets tough.

While we were going through all the infertility and adoption things we felt that there was so much out of our control. We decided as a couple to pray together every night about how to grow our family. Every night we were able to lay our burden over to our loving father. Some nights we prayed in confidence knowing that God was working for our good, and other night we questioned what was going on. But we always knew that God was listening and that brought me comfort.

As a Mom now, there as still so many things out of my control. Prayer is my shelter now, too. We still pray every night together to be good parents and still about growing our family. We are closer to each other as a couple too. Many times when something in our life or the life of a loved one gets shaky we will say "lets add it to the nightly prayer list". I know my husband prayed for me before we started this nightly ritual, but to hear his prayers for me out loud is very powerful and comforting.

My mom used to pray for us kids all the time and one thing she prayed for is that when we were doing wrong that we would get caught. My mom knew that she would not always be able to influence our decisions and also know that our unwise behavior would not change unless we got caught and there were consequences for our actions. She must have high standing with the Lord because we never got away with anything! She ALWAYS found out what we were up to. And we are better people because of it! It is something that I am going to add to my nightly prayer list!

My prayer for all of us motley moms is that we are always praying for our children!


Donna said...

Prayer is so soothing to the soul. I think connecting with God regularly can help keep us in balance, especially as moms. I don't know about the rest of you motley moms, but I certainly do feel overwhelmed with the task of mothering sometimes. I mean, I barely feel like a grownup myself most days, but I'm totally responsible for these two little lives, raising and training them up to be lovers of Christ and God's people? Seriously? That's my job? Yikes!
Prayer can help with these feelings, because it reminds me that I'm not in this alone. I also know that our church family plays a big role in their lives as well and we feel really good about that. We love our church!
Thanks for the reminder of the power of prayer, Fawnda!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Maria said...

I've enjoyed showing/teaching our kids how to pray. Hearing them pray is so special. It helps me think that at least I'm doing something right.

Mima said...

Prayer is powerful and God is good. As a mother (your mom)I still pray for my kids and their kids! A privilege/responsibility to do all I can for the those I love and care about. What I can do is limited, but what God can do for them is eternal and limitless!Prayer is often learned at mothers knee,and continues for a lifetime. So I am lifting up you and all these moms as you have the utmost influence with prayer.
Love Mom

Lindsay said...

It seems like some days when I am feeling overwhelmed and having a difficult "mommy day" if I just drop what I am doing, put the kids in a safe place for a few moments and go to God in prayer everything gets better. What an amazing sorce of peace prayer is in my life. The crazy thing is I don't always use it like I should. I get busy and things get crazy and then when I am on the verge of pulling my hair out I finally remember to pray.......why don't I remember sooner.

I do start and end every day in prayer with my girls, and I hope that they learn from that to go to God when I'm not with them. My oldest who is 6 1/2 will say things like "I have a friend who's was sick today can we pray for them", so I know it's working. And I try to respond yes I will pray with you, but rememeber you can always stop what you are doing and pray wherever you are. God is always listening.