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Monday, May 4, 2009

It was a dark and stormy Twilight

An Ode to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga and Casting Crow's song, "Praise You in this Storm"

It’s been a bad week.
I’m not gonna lie
as I flop on the couch
and let out a sigh.

We got some bad news
about my dear sister’s health,
and the retreating economy’s
robbing my wealth.

But instead of despair,
a song fills my head,
“I will praise you in this storm…
for you are who you are, no matter where I am.”

God was with us this week.
He was planning ahead
to bring our family together
and keep Alex well fed.

For the news was so shocking,
I couldn’t even cook.
My only escape
was this trendy new book.

Edward, Bella and Jacob
are now part of my life.
I spend so much time reading,
my husband misses his wife.

Before I start reading
about Jacob and Bella,
I pause to praise God
for Kyann and my niece Arabella.

My house is now quiet
as I run down the list
of blessings from God –
precious, wonderful gifts.

The usual come first,
my husband, my son,
a new baby for Carrie,
the warm Florida sun.

Eternal life is,
of course, on the list
as well as my family
and a soft spring mist.

Let’s not forget friends
who come to the rescue,
coupons to clip,
and spiky blue fescue.

As I say Amen
and reach for my book
I sigh once again
and refuse to look

at dust bunnies lurking
from under the couch
with blood-covered fangs;
I think they’ve eaten a mouse.

I fly through the pages
right back to the spot
where I last saw our heroine
in a frightening plot.

I like to pretend
that I’m as witty as Alice
that I fly through the trees
with a vampire prowess.

Pretending is good
for my sad aching soul
but back to my world
and my family I go.

With God’s loving help
and by escaping with Twilight,
I'll make it through this storm
and see tomorrow's sunlight.


Donna said...

Wow! Christians and vampires all in one poem!!!! Now that's talent!

Glad you made it through the rough week with a little poetry left over. I'm praying for your extended family!

fawnda said...

I too like to read to escape life sometimes. I also LOVE that casting crowns song.

I agree with Donna- very impressive that you can get vampires and chirtianity in one poam and it make sense too!

Praying for you too!

Liz said...

I love your poem! Great job, Pam!

Rachel said...

I had no idea you were a poet! I agree--nicely done.

Pam said...

Thanks girls. I am not sure I am a poet. I just spend a lot of time reading nursery ryhmes and Dr. Suess. I know poems are a little old school, but I was trying to be up-beat. Have a great night!

Karly said...

Pam, we've also had a rough week. And I too found a book to be a great escape. I am reading a book called, "The Time Traveler's Wife" It is a very good read. I would recommend it! And my husband misses his wife too. :) Lifting up prayers for you and your sis.

Maria said...

Loved it!

Lindsay said...

I'm impressed (I have no talent when it comes to poetry).