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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Eyes of a Child

This weekend I went to a historical farm with my son and nieces and nephews. There were 6 kids total ages 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 1. We went with my parents and sister, so there were 4 adults. At first I thought it would be a handful. I was not that interested in the farm, it was OK but not where I would have chosen to spend my Saturday afternoon.

But once we got there, it was a blast. All of the kids were so into it. The farm was set in the 1860's and had all the authentic things and dress to go along with it. The kids loved to pump the water into buckets. They were psyched to kneed the bread and cook it. They were amazed at all the animals. They could not wait to water the plants. It was SO FUN!

If it had just been me and another adult, I would not have had the adventure that we all had. I would have taken in the sites and been on my way, but we really got to experience the farm because all the kids wanted to take part. It was a GREAT day!

It is great to see things through the eyes of our children! It keeps us young!

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Donna said...

Almost EVERYTHING is more fun when we experience it with the kids (bottles of wine are not, but the kids are more fun after the grownups finish the bottle of wine!). Life is a new adventure for them, so things we find ordinary and mundane, they find exciting and fresh. It really is more fun to see things through their eyes!

Also, young children LOVE to do things like us. To try sweeping, cracking eggs into a bowl, pouring water from a measuring cup into a bowl or cup, mixing, dusting, vacuuming, setting the table, feeding pets, sorting socks, kneading dough, etc. These tasks hold mystery and challenge for them, but also lots of learning. Take advantage of their enthusiasm now...the day will come when they do NOT find chores myterious OR exciting!