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Sunday, May 3, 2009

She is so cute!

...is what people tell me while I am out and about with my son. No, I did not make a typo; people tell me that my Little King is a cute little girl. Most times it is while he is wearing trucks on his shoes and a baseball shirt on.

My son has, what my friend Bee likes to call, a “High School Musical” hair cut, it flips out at his ears. He hair is not long, it is to his ears and it is thick. I think some people just see a baby with hair and think ”girl”. But I like his hair and I think it looks good so I am not going to cut it off.

I have 3 responses to someone when they say “what a cute little girl you have!” It depends on my attitude, the person and how many times I have already heard that comment that day which one I decide to use.

#1.) Ignore it and just say “Thanks” If I am in a store and in a hurry and will never see this person again it is the quickest way out.

#2.) Try to be subtle while correcting them. “Yes HE is a pretty cute little BOY” Most times this does not work. I mean if they are not paying attention that he has a big TRUCK on his shirt why would they listen to my response?

#3.) Just correct bluntly. “He is a Boy” This is most effective and I usually get a “Of course he is a boy!” response back. But I think that this can come off rude. I usually use this one after I have heard the girl comment a couple times in the same day.

I know that this has happened to others. What kind of response do you (would you) give?


Donna said...

I can relate! Our girl had NO HAIR until she was 14 months old. It didn't matter that she was dressed head to toe in pink, with a headband bow on her head...she was BIG and she was BALD - apparently the widely assumed combo for a BOY!

If they were strangers I would never see again, I would thank them and then tell my baby what a smart, sweet GIRL she is. It didn't bother me much. I mostly did NOT dress her in pink because I didn't want to set a gender stereotype (our son's favorite color was - and still is - pink!)

Liz said...

When I was a kid I was a major tomboy and my grandparents bought me a baseball uniform for my 4th birthday. My mom took me in all my gear to get my picture taken and the photographer said, "Awww, what's his name?" My mom's response was, "LIZ." She was not happy. It's my first memory of embarrassment.

Lindsay said...

I had Capri dressed in lime green once and someone asked me if I was excited to have a boy after already having two girls. My response was "I don't know since this is a girl too". :) All three girls had short light blonde hair that was hard to see so they were often mistaken for girls not matter what they were dressed in.

Donna said...

Cuz lime green is only for boys, right? That's pretty funny, Lindsay!

Liz, I'm sure that memory must sting a little if you remember it as your first embarrassment. Ouch! You totally got over it, though, my triple blackbelt friend!

Karly said...

Let's face it...your little guy makes a handsome little king or a beautiful little princess! Just Kidding! He really looks ALL BOY to me. I guess people just see what they want to see.

If I don't have a bow in Saylor's hair at all times, people will definitely call her a HE. But she does look a lot like my boys, so I guess it doesn't really bother me. It bothered me much more with my first!