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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Puke Story

Let's see, which puke story should I tell today? Hmmmmm.

It was 1987. We (meaning myself, Julie and Melissa- my best friends) were out looking for a party to go to on a Friday night. I was a senior in high school and we were probably listening to Madonna as we drove around Boca Raton.

We found the party everyone was talking about. The "place" was basically a partially constructed housing development by day and the prime party place at night. Everyone was on the alert to the party being "busted" at any time by the local police. That just added to the excitement. It was a weekly occurrence.

Well, we got there and immediately spotted a guy that looked like Billy Idol's younger brother. He had the blond spiky hair going on and we thought he was just sooooooooooo fine.

The three of us talked about which one of us was going to try to "hook up with him". Now, before you get any ideas about that, it really just meant talk and maybe kiss before the night was over. Shocking. I know.

So, Melissa was to be the lucky girl to first talk to him. She struck-up a conversation and he seemed really nice and cute. Julie and I marvelled at Melissa's tenacity being that she was always quite shy.

Not long after we arrived the police showed up and we all jumped into our cars and Billy Idol's little bro went with us. We now had him in OUR CAR! Very exciting. He was from a rival school and we didn't have any friends in common.

Off we went on our way to Stop & Shop (a convenience store) to regroup with the others and plan the next party spot of the night. Before we could get there, we realized there was some kissing going on in the back seat. You go girlfriend!

All of a sudden we hear:
"I don't feel so good" from Melissa

Next thing you know, there is vomit being spewed from the back seat and through to the front dashboard like a fire hose! Later I heard that it seeped into the air vents.

Then we hear:
"She puked in my ear! I can't hear! She puked in my ear! UGHHHHH!"
over and over again from Little Bro.

Julie squealed into the nearest gas station and the car doors FLEW open and Melissa was left in the car looking very white and green at the same time.

Little Bro was hitting his head with his hand as if he had water in his ear from swimming in the pool. He then ran into the store for napkins.

As we tended to Melissa, we then saw Little Bro hop into a brand new convertible with a cute girl and just drive off. Just like that!

Poor Melissa was completely horrified as she told us what happened. Melissa and Little Bro were kissing a little and he was whispering to her how pretty she was. Everything was going great until her tummy started to act up. She then started whispering to him that she wasn't feeling well. She told him about 3 times before the monsoon hit. The bad news was that her mouth was close to his ear when it hit.

Needless to say, our night was over and so was her short-lived romance with Little Bro. For the rest of the car ride and into the following weeks, she just said that it figured that something like that would happen to her.

Possible moral to the story:
Don't puke in someone's ear if you like them.


Donna said...

Poor Melissa!!! That is a tragedy when you're a teenager, but it sounds like it was for the best. Little Bro sounds like a player to me!

Pam said...

That is so sad and funny if you were not Melissa. I would have been horrified. Great story!!

Liz said...

Hahahaha! I love a good puke story, as long as it doesn't involve me.

Lindsay said...

That had be laughing out loud. Thanks, I really needed that today.

Karly said...

All of these puke stories are reminding me of the famous puke scene in the movie "Stand By Me". Classic.

Thanks for sharing Maria. You have a plethora of hilarious stories from your past! I always enjoy hearing them!!