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Friday, July 10, 2009

On Vaction... I mean a Family Trip

Hi all, It is Fawnda here doing Karly a favor. Karly is on vacation... I mean, a family trip this week at her cabin with NO internet or phone coverage. She called me while she was on a trip to the small town just outside the mountains and asked me to post something for her. Here is the conversation:

K: Hi Fawny- I am in the mountains, so I could lose the signal at any time so don't worry if we get cut off. (to kid 1) your hand is not bleeding... it is just the red from the skittle.. lick it off. I am back. I forgot to post something on the Motley Mom site for this week. Can you post that I am out of town or something?

F: Sure, no problem (to my kid) DO NOT hit the baby***. You are in time out MR! Sorry about that! Are you having a good time?

K: Yeah, it's been great (to kid 1) No, it is not blood... hold up you hand and let me see... nope just lick it! We should make the post something funny I think.... hmmmmm something about a family trip...(to kid 1) You are not bleeding, you will be fine... just lick it off... there is nothing I can do from here.

F: I will try and think of something... Hello...hello... Karly?

That is where the call was dropped! This is a very common conversation for both of us. It is just like we are RIGHT there in the action! Even though we live hundreds of miles away, I some how feel like we are part of each other's daily lives. I really hope that her kid's hand was not really bleeding...That would have been gross!

***I am not making any announcements here, I am helping a girl with her daycare, since she just had a baby.


jeannine said...

very cute. and so true. :)

Maria said...

That sounds like regular life to me! Funny!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the disclaimer at the bottom, I really was wondering what taht was about.......lol

And yes if I need to have a "real" phone conversation I have to go into my bedroom and lock the door, and then go into my bathroom and close that door. That way the person on the phone can't hear my kids yelling.......lol

Donna said...

Ahaha...Lindsay, I'm thinking about putting locks on a few doors in our house just for that reason alone!!! Our 1928 bungalow doesn't even have locks on the bathroom doors. It's impossible to get a quiet moment sometimes! They do at least respect my privacy when I'm actually using the bathroom, but not if I'm on the phone!