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Sunday, July 5, 2009

I LOVE fireworks, but...

I am a HUGE fan of Fireworks. One summer, I went to fireworks almost every weekend for the whole summer... It was my job to find out what city was having fireworks each weekend. It was a blast. I love that it is good old fashion free entertainment. I love going early to find a spot, people watching, eating the yummy treats we bring...and finally the fireworks show!

The fireworks that we usually go to on the 4th are EXCELLENT! They are choreographed to music, and I cry every year. It is in the cute town that I want to live in some day. I look forward to watching fireworks every year. I have always looked forward to bringing our children to watch them with us some day!

But, this year we did not go. We had fully planned on going and bringing our 17 month old with us. It would be our first fireworks as parents. We tried to plan how to keep him happy for the 2+ hours we would have to wait until the fireworks actually went off (10 PM here in the Midwest) and we planned on how we would get out quickly (bring the backpack carrier and not the stroller). But when it came time to pack up all our stuff, our little king had a total fit about taking his shoe off... and then proceeded to have a fit about the fact that his shoe was not on his foot. This is when we started to rethink our plan. He showed many signs of being a tired and cranky baby. My Husband reminded me of our firework experience last year, where we sat in front of a couple who had their 1 year old son along, who cried the WHOLE TIME. We did not want to be those people, so we stayed home. I am bummed, but I know we made the right choice. Hopefully, we will get to go next year!

I agree with Donna's post from yesterday, it is not worth it some times. Do I want my first fireworks experience with my child to be a frustrating one? No, not really!

My Husband did talk me into going up on our roof to see if we could see any fireworks from there. I must have really wanted to see them because even though I am TOTALLY freaked out of heights, I went up! I almost had a panic attack (I found it hard to breath and almost threw-up) and we couldn't see any (some were behind some trees but no clear view). Bummer. But, at least I tried!

As parents, we have to look at "fun events" differently than we did before we had childern. It is not always best to do something that we have always done. It is not about fitting our childern into our lives, but about living a life that will be GREAT for our family! I know that I am happrier here at home (post panic attack) with my son sound asleep, than I would have been fighting the crowds with a screaming child. Plus, I m pretty sure that they are not going to stop doing fireowrks for the 4th of july any time soon so, I will get another chance to see them!


Maria said...

We have had our share of... "Note to self - let's never do that again" moments with the kids.

Like the time we went tubing down the springs (a 4 hour tube ride) and at the 1/2 hour mark, my then 2year old starting screaming and trying to throw herself overboard in absolute craziness. She didn't stop until the bitter end. I think I aged 10 years that day! It makes my blood pressure rise just thinking about it! So not worth it. I knew better, but tried to go with the flow for fear of disappointing the family.

We did the fireworks last night but kept things low key. We got some hot fudge sundaes from McDonald's and found a good spot to watch the show. We've had some crankiness and attitudes today, but no biggie. As they get older, it gets easier to do things.

Lindsay said...

It's always disappointing when we want to do something fun for our kids and it just doesn't work out for whatever reason. Either because we don't end up doing it, or because we do and it's miserable. You are right, that sometimes you have to make the right choice for our family and remind ourselves that this isn't the last time we will get a chance to do something fun.

And Maria is right, it does get easier as they get older. Although I have a 1 yr old, the 6 and 4 yr old are so much easier to take places and my 1 year old is the happiest baby ever (she has yet to have a cranky day). I am sure you will have many many happy 4th of July firework shows.

Donna said...

Good point, Fawnda, about not trying to fit the kids into your lives, but rather shape and mold your new life as a family together. That's one of the hardest lessons new parents have to learn. Sounds like you're ahead of the game. Before kids, it's easy to remain "You" and "Me." Once kids come along, it's all or nothin'! You are forced to become one family unit with a common purpose. It's really great, most of the time! ;-D

Karly probably had some words of wisdom for you on that! The first baby really puts us on a huge learning curve. It must be nice to have a sister to share this with!

Sherrie said...

We have officially given up on fireworks in the cities until the kids are a couple years older. We watch them up at my parent's cabin. It works out great because they shoot them over their lake. We sit on the end of the dock and watch them as though we have a front row seat. You would think that this is a fool proof plan. Oh, No! Even while the fireworks are going, my youngest (two years old) is not sitting still for even 5 seconds. We keep challenging her to guess the colors, and to count them. Snacks and bribery later, she is still all over the place. Not to mention my husband that I have to beg to stay in spite of the mosquitoes. Oh well. It was fun memories in the making. But next year our youngest may be sleeping while we enjoy the festivities!

fawnda said...

Thanks Ladies for the encouragement! I know it will get better as our kid gets older!

Maria- your story about the tubing made me laugh out load because I totally could feel your pain! Thanks for showing me I made the right choice

Lindsey- It is good to know that even with 3 kids you are telling me that it gets better! I am looking forward to going to Fireworks with older kids!

Donna- I have learned A LOT from Karly, which is the great thing about being the little sister! The biggest lesson about parenting I have learned from her is it is best to embrace parenthood and family and not try to cling to your life before kids... Not that everything has to change but some things do.

Sherrie- I feel for Jake... mosquitoes are the worst. We are so allergic to them we itch for DAYS!