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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tri-fold card Tutorial

My friend Jeannine and I have a craft blog that we put FREE tutorials on weekly. It is called Fireflies and Jellybeans. Making crafty things is relaxing for me. I also enjoy the challenge of trying to make a new project! Since I love to craft and I am a teacher at heart, I also like to show people how to make crafty things.

I thought I would show an EASY card that you could make! If you have a peice of 12 X 12 paper you can make 3 at a time so it is also cheap to make!

The Tri-fold Card:

This Tri-fold card is an idea I got from my friend Amy, but she does not have a blog to show off her talents. I love it because not only is it easy to make it also does not need an envelope! I have added my touch to the card and you can add yours! If you need a thank you card in a hurry, this is the perfect card to make!

Materials :
12X12 paper
coordinating scrap paper
embellishments (I like paper flowers)
circle punch (optional)
paper cutter (optional)
scoring tool (not pictured) - I use a skewer and a ruler

1.) Cut your paper into 12X4 strips

You should get 3 strips from a 12X 12 paper (great for 3 cards!)

2.) Make scoring marks at 4 inches and 9 inches on the top and bottom of the paper. I make mine pretty light so I can erase them later. If you have a scoring tool you can score at 4 inches and 9 inches.
3.) Line up your ruler on your two marks at 4 inches and use the skewer to score the paper. Do the same thing at 9 inches.

4.) Fold your paper into the middle at the scored lines
The flaps should overlap.

5.) Using the circle punch, punch out a circle in coordinating paper and attach your embellishment to it. Or you could stamp a monogram or picture on it too. Attach the embellished circle to the card hanging off the flap slightly

6.) Cut a piece of ribbon about 13 inches long and tie around the card to keep the flaps together.

Vua-la 3 beautiful cards! They are great to use and give away as gifts, just package three to 6 of them together and it is a great add on to any small gift and it means so much since you made it!

If you liked this tutorial, there are many like it over at Fireflies and Jellybeans!


Pam said...

Hey Fawnda, this is so pretty, and it looks easy to make. Thank you so much for sharing!

Donna said...

I love making my own cards. These look really nice!