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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello, my name is Fawnda, and I am a blog-oholic!

I am TOTALLY addicted to blogging. I am constantly checking my blogs to see if I got any comments or to see how many new hits I got. I am compulsive about it. I used to think that I could stop any time I wanted... but then I started to get the shakes (Must. Check. Blog.)

I started with my personal blog. Simple enough. We wanted to inform our family about our adoption process, and we would be updating it when we got any news. Once we brought our little king home we would update with his progress , pictures and videos. I maybe update this once a week... sometimes less if nothing exciting is going on.

Then, I started a craft blog with DIY projects that my best friend Jeannine (you have probably seen her comment here) and I work on. It is called Fireflies and Jellybeans (I know shameless plug!). It has been a really fun outlet for my creativity. I also like the challenge of finding the next project. We are trying to get traffic to the blog, so I submit our projects to other sites to be featured. This blog is a bit more work than my personal one.

Now, I am also writing here. This is also a great outlet and support for my mommy needs. I love the group here, and I like being able to write a post about my experiences.

So, that makes three blogs. It would be manageable if I left it at that, but I don't! I also check several other blogs. I look and comment on other people's fabulous blogs. I can spend HOURS and HOURS blog hopping, completely ignoring my house and child at times. This is not good. It is the first thing I want to do when I wake up and the last thing I do before I go to bed.

I need a blogging break. I need life to be more balanced. I am NOT signing off here! I am just informing you that I am going to go on an internet fast this week. No internet, blogs, e-mail for a week. I need to cut myself off for a bit, so I can get into a new routine. I hope to go for a bike ride with my son (with my new-to-me bike and trailer), go to the park, clean my house, read more books, finish some projects, take a nap, see some friends, and other fun things. I also want to get into a different morning routine. I think that getting up, putting my kid in the high chair and reading blogs on my computer is not the best thing for him! I also would like to do a better job with my bible study. I am starting a new Beth Moore study tomorrow with wonderful ladies from my church.

I'm not saying that the internet is bad... It is a great place to connect with other people. I have made many dear blog friends (from this site especially). But, too much of a good thing... is not a good thing. I will be back next week (and read all your comments then)! I just hope I don't get too shakey!

*I just want you to know that I scheduled this blog last week so I am not breaking my fast! : ) I love that scheduled option! : ) *

How do you stay balanced?


Lindsay said...

I think it's important to take a break from the things that seem to have control over us at times. It makes us realize we can live without them, and hopefully put them back into our lives at a more reasonable pace.

I have learned to only read blogs of people I actually know......which keeps me busy.

I think what keeps me balanced is just finding my priorities and reminding myself of those, if it doesn't help serve those things then I can't spend to much of my time doing that. Like God, family, Me (exercise, reading....), church, house. If it doesn't help me in those areas then I need to limit my time doing it.

Maria said...

Balance? It's a constant thing to work towards. While I'm writing this comment, I have a child begging me to make eggs because she doesn't want any of the other 5options for breakfast. I just told her that I will make them after I do what I'm doing.

It's always a balance. I can't jump at everyone's command and I can't just do my own thing all the time either. Some days balance one way or the other, you know?

My top things are hubby, kids, house, family, friends. Keeping in mind that each day the order may get mixed up. I try to keep God at the forefront by looking for moments to either pray or relate some Godly truth to said people or listen to it from other Godly people. Daily Bible study has been a bit difficult these last few years. Can anyone relate?

So, I guess I just cut myself some slack and think that if one day is balanced one way, I always have the next day to change things up.

Let us know how your blog fast went this week!