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Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

I only have a few random thoughts for the day. We did find a house, and we will be moving to western Illinois in a few weeks. Living in limbo is taking its toll on us, but we will soon be in our very new to us rental house. My thought for the day is this: early on in potty training Alex, I bought the cute character underwear for him. I thought that telling him Mickey didn't want to get wet would keep him from pottying in his pants. We had some Thomas underwear and even Nemo. You would not believe how many times I told him to not potty in his underwear because Nemo wouldn't want to get wet. Great parenting logic, huh? :)


Lindsay said...

Isn't is funny when we say stuff as parents that make us stop and think......lol

I once told Avery that she couldn't have ice cream until she finished her hotdog. I'm not sure the nutitional logic applied. Since in all honesty the ice cream was probably better for her than the hotdog. But the "eat dinner before dessert" logic still applied. :)

fawnda said...

I am pretty sure Nemo would not want to be wet with PEE so I think that you are OK!

Parenting bring out the funny in all of us!